"The Rebirth" 



8TH - 15TH DECEMBER 2018




7 Day Retreat in the luscious jungles of Bali

This is is a one-of-a-kind, revolutionary event has been specifically-designed to embrace and connect to all that has slumbered in you for too long. Through seven days of love, devotion, purpose and passion, drums will beat— first softly and then louder — in the holy caverns of your heart to shake loose everything that no longer honours your highest truth. 


You will be held in a safe, supportive environment of other men and women all courageously ready to embody their fullness and connection. This is for people who want tremendous personal changes in their life. Who feel a calling to know the Truth, and an answer to the question: How many veils must fall before you claim the miracle that you are?


We are here and waiting for the many who have journeyed the path of life for years, yet remain ‘disconnected’ with unanswered questions. This Retreat puts you on the Journey Home. It may seem like the end of the world, and in many ways it will be, for much of your old world will be shed like that of the serpent’s skin, as you awaken to the Light that you are.


This will happen differently for each person. For some it will be easy and almost instantaneous. Others will be challenged, for they have made the illusion of their ego so very real. Realising the separation, one can start the journey home to their True Self.


Gateways will open and so the journey begins. You will discover:


•   Remembering who you really are and allowing yourself to let go of the old that no longer serves the powerful new You.

•   Healing negative cellular patterns.

•   Discovering your Dharma or Soul Purpose.

•   Exploring the illusory Egoic Self and seeing its prison of separation from a Higher Consciosness.

•   Healing karma from this lifetime and for your lineage/ancestors.

•   Moving from conditional love to Divine Love.

•   Healing victim mentalities from relationships

•   Discovering Oneness of the Divine (within and without).

•   Experience True Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness and Freedom.

•   Start the Journey Home to your Divine Self.

•   Releasing limiting and controlling lower frequencies and shifting to higher states of consciousness.

•   Ancient tools for exploring and unlocking the nine aspects of the ‘personality self’.  

•   Daily meditation journeys and yoga 

•   Visiting of Sacred Temples

•   Spiritual Cleansing by way of Holy Water rituals.

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