"Divine Union" 



JUNE / JULY 2020

7 Day Retreat in the luscious jungles of Bali

This retreat is available only for participants who have attended The Merge II ~ The Rebirth. 


The Merge III — Divine Union is a Master-Level 7 Day Immersion into the Gateways of Universal Wisdom, Soulful Connections, Body Consciousness and the complete release of illusory thoughts and separation. It is for those who truly aspire to deepen their practice, align mind-body-soul and embody The Lover, The Beloved, The  One. We will journey together and shift past the polarities (feminine and masculine) and into Oneness, Cosmic Love, and ultimate freedom. 


This journey invites you to remember the wholeness and full lover from within yourself; and to align your energies, emotions and bodies. To connect with love, light and life; and through this discovery you awaken consciousness itself. It is a profound experience where you are lost in the meeting of where you begin and another person ends; you merge into this beautiful moment where you co-exist in union. It is more than just you being creator, now you see yourself as co-creator and extend past the moment into the infinite heart of love which is timeless; and enter into a deep intimate and full expression of yourself which you can share and offer to the world, and each person you meet.


Awakening to who you truly are means letting go of who you think you are and surrendering to what is. Just like the wave must rise, curl and smash down upon itself. And as the sun dances over its foamy wake, it realises it is, and has always been, the ocean. This is Unity with your Divine Self. This is The Merge.


Gateways will open and so the journey begins. You will discover:


•   The Enneagram Master Level (past personality; your spiritual key to connecting with your Divine Self)

•   Soul Evolution and the keys to living with awareness

•   Learning sacred practices to strengthen your connection to Divine Love and Light (Oneness)

•   How to merge into the Being-ness and embodiment of the Sacred Marriage.

•   Daily meditation journeys and yoga 

•   Fall in LOVE with the experience of life

•   See yourself as the ‘drop in the ocean’ and know yourself as the ‘ocean in the drop’.

•   Gateways (we will leave this a mystery) 

•   Energy Medicine and Sacred Dance

•   Ancient Wisdom and Teachings

•   The Art of Worship and Devotion 

•   The Merge (Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine) 

•   Kundalini Awakening

•   Surrender all illusions and separation

•   Sufi teachings and practices

•   Sacred Land Visits

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