"The Remembrance" 





Who am I?

Why am I here?

Why do I have so many challenges in my life?

Why do I keep repeating the same patterns?


These and many other questions will be examined and, together in love and openness, we will explore the answers and what they mean. This 3 Day Retreat are powerful introductions to the Spiritual Path and connecting with your Authentic Self — your Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Cellular Being. 


You will experience a powerful awareness and evaluation of your reality: your belief systems and values that, up until now, have steered the course of your life through ego while adorning the mask of fate. Know that you are much more powerful and magnificent.


At the 3 Day Taster Retreat you will experience a profound heart opening and deeper connection to yourself, that will begin to heal the pain of the past and allow you to let go, where you can safely forgive and make peace with anything or anyone, evaporating ‘dis-ease’ and expanding awareness, transforming both inner and outer worlds.


Gateways will open and so the journey begins. You will discover:


•    Your true Inner Self, the Spiritual You, and to connect to this Self through raising your consciousness and awareness.

•    To become aware of your Higher Self, to explore it and learn and grow from this inner discovery.

•    The difference between Personal Development and Spiritual Development.

•    Introduction into meditation.

•    To learn, love and accept yourself and others fully.

•    To discover any spiritual gifts you have

•    To discover your purpose and life calling.

•    To connect with Source, Gaia, and her people, animals and plants.

•    To discover that everyone and everything is connected and that there is no separation, but a unity between every living thing.

•    To experience life to its fullest and make the most of it.

•    To learn to forgive yourself and others.

•    To develop empathy, compassion and sensitivity for people, animals and nature.

•    The power of silence and reflection. 

•    The art of guided journeying meditation. 

•    The magical power of connection and Sacred Ritual.

•    Healing through pain, illusion and fear.

•    How to let go of the past.

•    The Journey of the Soul.

•    The purpose/meaning of love, life and awareness. 

•    What is God/Goddess/Source.

•    Beginning of Mind, Body and Soul / Spirit balance.


1 Day Workshop: ‘Igniting the Flame’

3 Day Retreat: ‘The Remembrance’







Out of the shadows, here I emerge :)

Confused more than ever, shaken, integrating like a Mofo, scared..I have been trying to make sense of what happened on the Merge last week and I have no freaking clue..

I know this though..

I am eternally grateful for being a part of such an incredible soul family the work we have chosen to come to do is anything else but requires persistence, will, massive loads of COURAGE and I would say craziness! Big loads of massive silliness on our side to be here, right now!

I have been feeling all sorts of things last week..absolute bliss, tears of release, profound and deep fear of not knowing, tears of realisation, my chest has been sore from all heart opening.

I have found my lost wings as well  felt so magical..bizzare. feeling like a crazy person again 
And yet seems so real..
Just haven't used them for long time so it feels quite confusing now..not knowing what to do with them..
I think that I am actually trying to fly with my feet still on Earth..trying to be part of both..hmm.. I just realised that is not what will probably work  you can't both stay and go, right?

My souls is screaming for things to happen now and I have the sense that if I don't act the Universe will swiftly help me  that makes me a bit nervous :P

What a journey!

I don't know what it would look like if it wasn't for you, fellow crazy souls 
Deeply grateful for the way you show up here! Those who I have met and even those I haven't yet. Because we are all here for a reason and TOGETHER is how we create the MAGIC 


For me, having you all here for allthe love and giggles is the best gift ever






Sharing some self-insight with my soul-tribe:
I began the Merge as a simple, 100 piece puzzle: large simple pieces; a pleasant colorful picture; easy to put together. Some pieces were still in the box because I hadn't figured out where they belonged yet, but nothing was missing. It was all there. 
Over the weekend I took the puzzle apart - sometimes carefully, sometimes violently - because I realised that the pieces didnt fit together anymore: they were multiplying; becoming more complicated and intricate. And though the picture was the same, it had more color and movement and detail and vibrancy. 
I brought home 500 puzzle pieces, all floating around in my suitcase. Some of them I've since put together, but most of them are back in the box, waiting as I start making the puzzle again. 
I've realised that each time I delve deep into myself I will start the process of taking the puzzle apart so the pieces can evolve and be put back together. It doesn't matter how long the puzzle takes or how many times I take it apart, because it will never be finished - it will always be growing and changing and becoming more than what it was.
I'm pretty excited because if theres one thing I love as much as Lego its putting together a good puzzle!




The Merge! Aaaaasmaazzzing!

 Not only is The Merge transformative for me but for my family and all those I encounter.. 

Soul family I came home last night and spent two hours talking to my mum about the weekend, the releases, forgiveness, freedom, transformation and remembrance... She said I was beaming about my experience and she asked how she can learn to be more connected to god.. that for me was just beautiful.

Tonight I sat with my children. They took out their journals and wrote their own notes as I talked about just a small fraction of all that I learnt over the last three days, today we touched on forgiveness, giving your power away and freedom and connection to divine. We did our own circle of forgiveness and the tears flowed and a loving hug fest followed.

I went back to work today, with a quieter mind and not flustered. I started talking about the weekend to my work desk neighbor and she because interested and has now started looking into the next retreats 

Mary and Jay thank you for gifting me the beginning of my journey and soul family thank you for holding space and being witness. Bursting with love for you all 



I pulled off the road and snapped this photo on my way to the retreat on Saturday morning. Mary & Jay's place is where the rainbow ends on then right. I couldn't believe it - gave me goosebumps! - such a beautiful sign I was meant to be there will all you wonderful souls.

On Monday morning before breakfast I wrote this poem that captured my experience of the retreat, and sharing with all you beautiful souls 

The wheel turns
And time stands still
A tear falls
From the deepest depth

Through eternity it falls
Through all dimensions of light
Never knowing
Forever searching

The angels hear its call
Gathering to witness its fall
Light upon light
In Divine joy

More and more the angels sing
A song of love from the Cosmic Heart
The tear awakens
It’s crystal light ignites

Feeling its utter bliss
It finally lands
In the ocean of love
Merging with all the others

No longer separate
It feels at peace
In the heart of the Cosmic Womb
The water of life


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