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The Divine Feminine is experiencing a re-emergence – a rebirth into collective consciousness.

From the beginning of time, women have been a curiosity and a mystery. The magic of women has inspired literature and mythology; whole temples have been built in reverence to women. Women have also been repressed, persecuted and removed from her place of honour out of fear that we hold a power that is not fully understood.

We now have opportunities to transform not only our own relationship to our hearts, our bodies and our connections but also our ancestoral blueprints that we continue to live out often unconsciously.
You will be journeying deep into the mysterious, infinite and at times dark temples of love, where no shadow can hide.

This retreat is about holding the space for women to embody their deep intuitive emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual and mysterious selves through ancient ritual, dance, Mary’s profound teaching’s, transmutation, and inner journeying work which will connect each woman back into her centre, her womb, her lover.  

The week long immersion will be an opportunity to initiate yourself and go deeper into the powerful woman that you know you are and are ready to fully own.

Activities include Ecstatic Medicine Dance, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Full Moon Ceremony, Goddess Ritual and initiation, Fire Ceremony, private hot springs water bathing and devotion.
These practices do not involve nudity or any sexual contact.

Each woman will be initiated into the mysteries..

  • The art of devotion and worship.

  • Exploration into goddess Kali, Aphrodite, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Mary Magdalena.

  • Rites of passage. 

  • Sacred Moon ceremonies and manifestation. 

  • Blood mysteries.

  • Death, rebirth and new beginnings. 

  • Love, sexuality, sensuality.

  • Feminine shadow.

  • Dark side of the shadow (the law of attraction).

  • Delivering shadow to consciousness.

  • Healthy boundaries, consent & agreement.

  • Seduction, passion, sensuality and connection.

  • Embodiment of mind, heart, body, soul spirit self.

  • God/Goddess activation's.

  • Emptying out the self.

  • Fertility, rebirth and new beginnings.

  • Womb mysteries and heart connection.

  • Moving from pain to pleasure.

  • You will be personally taught the sacred art of ‘worship and devotion’, how to celebrate yourselves, each other, the women in your life, the men in your lives. These practices are deep, ritualistic, soulful and intimate.

  • Goddess is co-creator with God, together they form the One, the creative essence of all of life. Together they create balance.

  • Embodiment of sexuality and intimacy, understanding passion, lust, love

  • Healing old wounds, releasing pain, letting go of karmic patterns and limiting programs

  • Let go of shame and guilt and own your desire to fully express yourself.

  • Learning the art of ‘flow and surrendour’. 

  • Awakening sexual kundalini energy in the body.

  • Creating safe boundaries

  • Self Love, self nurture and self honour.

Activities include Ecstatic Medicine Dance, Tantric Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, Full Moon Ceremony, Goddess Ritual and initiation, Fire Ceremony, private hot springs water bathing and devotion.

Vegetarian and vegan catering. Healthy, vibrant conscious food for the body.

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NOV 2017


When I first met Mary and Jay last year I intuitively knew they were special and I also knew I was going to journey with them and after separating from my ex-husband nearly 2 years ago I had a lot of healing to go through.

Not only from my marriage breakdown and the numbness I felt from being in survival mode for a few years and my lower chakras being completely shut down but from my herstory of the mother wound, the father wound and also the shame & guilt I felt from a very young age around my sexuality.

Over the last 18 months I had worked on my mindset and did all the inner work but there was something missing I hadn't worked on healing my divine feminine she was still scarred and hurting. My desire to heal my relationship with the divine masculine was also very strong especially after my history of repeated failed relationships due to my father wound so when the opportunity arose for me to attend the Goddess Embodiment retreat I embraced it with open arms and I'm so happy I did. 

Mary's work is so profound and heals you on such a deep soulular level. Each process was healing, the rebirthing, the activations, the transmissions and the transmutations....

She is a powerhouse priestess warrior woman & she held the space in such a safe and sacred presence which made me feel so comfortable to let go and allow the healing to truly begin...

The shifts & transformations I experienced in the 4 days was phenomenal and I've walked away feeling like a completely different person.

I feel free and I feel such a deep sense of self like I've come home to myself and it's helped awaken me to the next phase on my journey which is reclaiming my sexuality and my sensuality.

If you feel the call to fully awaken to your true self and heal those parts of you that you know need healing and to help you embody the goddess within then I highly recommend any of Mary's work but especially the Goddess Embodiment retreat️







It's 2 am and I've just woken up after having taking Pojken to bed and fallen asleep myself in the process.

My head is spinning, racing so fast and my heart is exploding in my chest.


I've just been on a journey over the past 4 days, a deep, deep soul journey into the darkness and light of myself as the goddess that I am. The dance of my wild woman still pulsating fresh in my veins, the softness of my lover still lingering fresh on my lips.

Having come through such a huge huge roller coaster and battle  of wanting to show up for myself vs hiding in the old conditioned story of my life as I know it, the way it 'should' be full with expectations. Drinking the wine of liberation, the nectar of my very essence and accepting, embracing and honouring my souls journey.

Heart explosions EVERYWHERE


Feeling a quiet peace, a serenity of truth that wasn't there before, or at least I hadn't accessed it for what it truly is.

Grateful.  Soooo grateful for the knowledge and experience now ingrained even deeper into my bones. 

Although my head is spinning there is a calm in me, a steady stream of purpose.  A joy and softness that's filling me up to the brim this post-retreat-night.

Thank you Mary Mikhael for facilitating such an incredible, raw and honest space and to everyone who shared that magic with me.

I love you all 







Looking into the mirror and not connecting to who you are is a monumental sign that we are not in alignment. I’ve been feeling this for months now, trying to look deeper to find that connection, problem was I couldn’t see me. But I was desperate to see me, the more evolved and centred me. I looked each day but still nothing. 


So I stopped looking.

I immersed myself in sessions with Mary Mikhael  Angelique, attending One Love Humanity mediations and retreats, trusting and respecting the process and embracing whatever came up for me but most importantly I felt safe as Mary created a space of love and healing during Goddess Rising Part 2 over the weekend. Mary’s priestess, lover and warrior guided me through shadows, initiation and love to emerge a re birth, an all encompassing re birth that lifted the veil from my eyes. Today and every day I am humbly grateful Mary and I’m also honoured to see you  


During the retreat a beautiful friend reminded me that hair has memory and I instantly thought back to when chemo caused my hair loss. After shaving what remained, I stood in front of the mirror, opened my eyes and for the first time I saw my soul. 


Today I honour that moment and my journey.  Today I relive that moment because my soul needed to see me again.






Hey beautiful i just wanted to say THANK YOU. I am so glad and honored that you have come into my life. I started getting channelings from the sisterhood of the rose about 2 years ago, not knowing what to do or how to interpret these downloads. This weekend has just been confirmation and initiation and am so glad that you invited me to be apart of your space. I truly see you. The fucking divine magical being you are and i LOVE every part of it! I hope you guys have an AMAZING time and know I am here to support and co-create with you and the amazing work you and your partner are doing.






This is a story which began a long long time ago, one that arises through love and transcended time and space...

One that was made of illusions and deceptive realities but once again one that broke free through the unconditional love of the Universe.

I feel so blessed and loved right now because by following my heart, my intuitions, my higher self it brought me closer to just be me... one journey that will continue on until I take my last breath in this realm and beyond. I have many people to thanks but right now, I have gratitude to Mary (and her beloved Jay) because by meeting two years ago, the impact of what they brought to me, to us, catapulted me into walking my path. This week end I got the opportunity to join her into one of the spiritual retreat she facilitates, Goddess Embodiment through her OneLoveHumanity's mission. One that made it extra special for me because it was on my beloved Bundjalung country under the protection of the powerful Wollumbin (Mt Warning). It humbled me because wherever I was in my journey, what I experienced surpassed my fears, my excitment, my expectations. I felt safe, loved and surrounded by other magical souls.

I am grateful for Mary's soul, her magic, and just for being her. I always felt her with me through all those years. Now I know why. I am grateful for all the beautiful connections and the memories that it reminded me of. 


To all my soul sisters on this journey with me, we were gifted of this beautiful Pleiades mandela, made by my own beloved on our last day of retreat -The Seven Sisters. As I said I am blessed.


It might not make sense to many, but please go within, if you feel the call don't be afraid, seek your own truth and when you do, the right people will show up.


No longer will I be afraid of the dark. No longer will I hide.


I just want to be.


One love my brothers and sisters.

Peace always



Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Goddess Embodiment Retreat with the fabulously divine Mary Mikhael Angelique. I was taken on a powerful soul enriching journey that brought up past and current fears and allowed me to see them in a renewed light with forgiveness and giving me the power and gift to nurture my true essence as a female to be all that I am destined to be. At times I felt like Alice in the looking glass, who had stubbled down the rabbit hole in to the unknown consciousness to be reborn. I am so very grateful to Mary for being apart of my life and I being apart of her life. I highly recommended to anyone who has not yet attended one of Mary's retreats or mediation sessions to explore the opportunity to cultivate emotions and strengths that have been hidden deep for generations to spring forward in abundance. I thank you Mary and all my sisters for standing alongside me. 🦉🦋



Christess embodiment retreat nov. 2017. Testimonial. 


It’s 4 day’s before the retreat is about to commence and unlike any other retreat I have attended I’m called to cleanse physically to prepare my body for the deep shifts and awakenings I can feel are coming. 


4 weeks before retreat is about to commence and things start to stir up to the surface, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, shadows make themselves know, in order to be healed and released. My soul, my heart is ready finally, to shift so deeply. 


Thursday day before retreat, excitement starts to rise within me. Yay! Here we go. 


Friday, day one.... and I’m shitting myself, nervous as f*** as to the unknown unfolding of what will happen over the four days, “should I be here”? “Do I really want to sit, witness and observe my constant repeated pattern? .. 


Driving up to the retreat centre. I arrive and .. turn around, head back to town. Not ready yet. 


Second attempt, I arrive, take a deep breath, here we go...


It’s hard to find the words to properly describe the sheer power, the magnitude, the magic and the Shakti energy of these retreats... 


Everything that your soul, your being is ready to heal, let go of, transform, release and awaken within you is brought to the surface for you to confront. All for the purpose of incredible soul growth and awakening, to propel you forward on your path, your purpose and so you can ‘show up’ in the way your soul knows it needs to, in this world. All of what you have asked for, what your soul is calling for is stired awake, transforming at the end of the 4 day’s into a more awakened, more whole version of you. A little more free... 


My experience at this retreat was out of this world, I’m still processing it and am finding it hard to collect the words to properly describe. All I can say is that what I was asking to be released was released, deeply held ‘victim’ mentality, along with some childhood trauma, can I feel the change?... heck yes! 

There were moments when all I wanted to do was run out of the room, but I couldn’t. Something deeper inside of me, deeper than the level of my mind, my soul was asking me to stay so I could go through a transformation, its hard,it’s dark and uncomfortable but it always transforms into light. 

I feel my consciousness has expanded, gifts have been activated, I’ve reclaimed my Shakti power, Kundalini was activated and i am starting a deep healing and reclaiming of my sensuality/ sexuality. Me as a divine feminine woman is starting to awaken on a deeper layer (always deeper layers). Unconscious parts of myself (shadow) are become more conscious (light). 

My physical body is exhausted after these intense shifts I’ve experienced, a purging out of the old and a rewiring of the new. 


I am starting to see, on a new level something that I hadn’t really seen before, but knew.. and that is how Mary Mikhael (& Jonathan David) holds each and every woman (person on retreats) delivering them to where they are ready to be, walking them through the ‘gateways’ their souls are yearning for... its magic, it’s love, it’s consciousness, it’s connection, it’s sheer devotion to there mission and humanity. They work with your higherself, they work with your guides, they work with their guides, they work with pure Shiva/Shakti energy. Holding you comfortably and uncomfortably to where you need to be. Long before the retreat actually starts. 


I am and forever will be so grateful for where these two have delivered me to. I’ve attended every retreat these two have run. My soul wants freedom so much, that the courage to ‘walk through the fire’ runs deep. Retreat? I’m there (ego tries to deny sometimes). From the broken ‘little girl’ I was to the ‘amazing soul’ that is emerging now, which I’m actually starting to see... is due to there teachings, love and devotion to creating  masters, shifting the heart of humanity to a more awakening state. 


These retreats run by Twin Flame Enterprises/ One Love Humanity are high end, intensive, pure love consciousness Shakti energy, held in the highest intension, for your highest good to shake you awake, to shake you out of the layers of illusion and suffering and on the journey of delivering you to love, delivering you home. 

It’s an experience that words are lost on. You simply must experience the experience of their magic. 


Thank you Mary and Jay for always showing up in the name of love and service. 

Love Alison Elizabeth. 

Thanks! Message sent.