Hi everyone, my name is Mary Mikhael, I am an ordained oracle, psychic soul messenger, mystic, and keeper of ancient magic and mysteries - my lineage dates back hundreds and thousands of years ago across the stars. I use energy medicine and various healing modalities to asist people on their journey as well as balance mind-body-soul to their deepest hearts. 

I have been inundated with requests over the years to run a workshop or two day retreat on 'EMPATHS & their GIFTS'.

So, here it is!!! 'EMPATH WARRIOR workshop/retreat which I will be personally delivering in Melbourne and on the Gold Coast/Byron Bay.

I will be teaching magic and also how to nurture your gifts and channel your telepathic, psychic, healing abilities.

I will also teach you a 'truth code' so that instead of morphing into the other person or ultimately denying your own energy source, you are able to discern and use universal, physical, emotional and light language to protect and honour yourself, as well as be a guide for the other person.

I will offer you a range of exercises, activities, role plays so that you understand how this relates to everyday life and teach you how to work with the elements. 

I will also teach you about some protective symbols and how to work with some ancient tools such as divination and sacred geometry. Which crystals to use, what days to cast protection and healing circles ...how to work with light, dark and shadow aspects relating to 3D and also spirit ... all of it!!
I will also touch of collective work and what you can do to assist in the transition when you 'pick up' what is happening in your body.

Attachments, entity clearing and recognising different vibrational frequencies.

I will also be sharing with you the physical impact 'empaths' can take on such as disease, anxiety, depression and addiction. I will provide for you easy practical yet advanced ways to heal yourself and stay clear, centered and balanced. 

Being an out of this world empath myself, I have been the absolute experiment to my sensitivity and to all external forces around me, I got caught up in other peoples stuff and wasn't sure what was mine or what was theirs, I got caught up in addictive behaviours and started feeling strange ... I wasn't sure whether my gifts were a curse or a blessing however I did everything I could to understand who I am and how I was going to SHOW UP. 
I have since worked with thousands of people Australia wide to help them awaken and step into their power. There is so many disempowering information on empaths online that present us as sensitive and powerless --- We are sensitive YES and we have been given these empathetic and paranormal gifts for a reason.

I will reveal to you why you have these gifts and how to use them!! 

My teachings come from divine wisdom and holds a high consciousness and vibration that connects to people's hearts and souls.

Of course open to men and women.

I have run this course as a one day before however It really needs to run over 2 full days or 4 half days. 

Only taking 15-20 ppl as I will run it in my home.

I am not sure what the cost will be, but can keep you in the loop.
This course will be for Empaths, sensitive's, gifted people who would like to learn how to use this in their everyday life and also how to use this with their clients/patients ...

Who would be interested so I can decide whether I will run it?
Just putting my feelers out at the moment.

This is not a course I will be running on a monthly basis - maybe 1 to 2 a year for those angels who have been calling me to run it.

Alternatively, you can email: mary.mikhael@twinflame.com.au 

Feel free to check me out: 

I am so looking forward to sharing this insight with you so that you can pay it forward. 

Love, Mary Mikhael Angelique

INQUIRE BELOW   1300 029 354

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