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A business entrepreneur at the age of 23, a self help coach, a self made journalist: a film producer and director, an adventure junkie, traveler and not to mention an incurable romantic – Mary is definitely no stranger to the fast and evolving world of change and transformation. 

For her, dreams are necessary to life. Although age does not protect her from love… love, to some extent, protects her from age. Mary is not just a tourist in the world of images, just watching moments passing by. She creates the world that she wants to live in, make love to , possess as permanent sources of joy and ecstasy; She does not seek ‘the because’ – in life and in love, there is ‘no because’, no reason, no explanation, no solutions.


Mary’s style has attracted people from all walks of life, allowing her to work globally alongside children in orphanages, villages and remote communities. She has also worked with very successful business men/women, helping them break down their goals and achieve desired outcomes. She has trained several hundreds of staff for larger corporations and helped them achieve exceptional sales and performance results; she has worked with mum and dads, clients with depression and addictions and has been able to assist them in creating long lasting, effective and tangible changes in their life! Mary’s passion is helping to affect change on a global scale.


The level of awareness, to work alongside the common person and political leaders of the country; her most recent project is helping set up a ‘movement for democracy’ on a global scale for some world leaders who need a powerful strategy and plan behind their voice.

Mary walks in and out of peoples lives helping them recognize their mission, fulfill their purpose , and aspire to be better, bigger, greater, wiser and more dynamic than ever before. 

Master Practitioner in NLP (Neuro Linguistics Learning, Programming and Hypnosis.)
Health Counseling Diploma (Medical Registrar of Australia)
Medical Terminology Certificate (Medical Registrar of Australia)
Hot Stone Masseuse (Certified by Natural Therapeutics)
Anglicate Urban Mission and Community Care (Victorian Government Program)
Multiple qualifications in Spiritual Healing and related practices. 

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