Jonathan is the Creator and Founder of ‘Conscious Leadership’, an organization committed to training, teaching and facilitating ‘change and transformation’ strategies with the vision to expand conscious awareness and create leaders with heart and soul all across the globe.Jonathan has been practicing and pursuing the journey to divine enlightenment for 33 years and has studied under an enlightened master for well over 20 years.


Jonathan has committed his life practice to conscious mastery, breaking down illusions, being true to one’s unique life path and soul journey. Jonathan understands that spiritual awakening is the profound experiential realisation of one’s true nature, from the illusionary trance of apparent separation and ego based identification to ultimate love and freedom on all levels. Enlightenment is the realisation of one’s natural state - the field of consciousness that all experience and manifestation happens in, one’s very true nature and that we are all contributing to our experiences as creator, co-creator and created.


Jonathan holds the masculine spiritual warrior ‘insight’ into the gateways to the Twin Flame love