"Mary Mikhael is a force of nature, almost like the mother herself”


Mary is a modern day Goddess, Soul Reader, Ghost Whisperer, Energy Worker, Spiritual Guidance Teacher, Coach, Medical Health Counsellor, Author and keeper of the Twin Flame and the Sacred Marriage. Mary lives in Melbourne and extends her teachings world wide to people from all walks of life. Mary’s sessions and meditations are so powerful, you will feel every cell in your body move to the light. Together, we will connect you directly to your higher self as you begin the journey unlocking doorways into the mysteries of the Universe and to your higher truths.


Mary’s sessions are powerful, connected, intimate and move you from pain to enlightenment, from confusion to clarity, from sadness to deep peace and happiness. Mary considers herself a ‘messenger’, a facilitator helping awaken you fully to source energy and the power of now. Mary’s work focuses on the evolution of human consciousness, the divine source of love, ancient wisdom and the mysteries of the Universe to help you unlock the reason you have incarnated into the body this lifetime. Her highest calling is to fulfill the prophesy of the Sacred Twin flame union at this time on our planet. This keeping involves the sacred marriage between masculine and feminine polarities which when in harmony invoke the divination of the Holy Trinity and can shift the heart of humanity as we know it. We are so powerful, unconditional, liberated & blissful.


Mary’s vision is to radically shift the consciousness from a fear and control based system to an empowered, spiritually liberated and heart centred humanity. Her teachings are to assist in the evolution of human consciousness moving people from martyr to Master. 


Mary’s highest calling is to fulfil the prophecy of the sacred Twin Flame union at this time on our planet. This keeping involves the sacred marriage and the perfect balance of wholeness of divine masculine and feminine energies unified within. 


Mary Mikhael -Twin Flame Sessions Include:


Soul Readings, Channeling & Psychic Guidance 

Meditation & Spiritual Awakening Classes

Karma, Past Lives & Soul Contracts 

Enlightenment Studies and Teachings 

Healing’s & Chakra Alignment 

Life & Spirit Coaching/Counselling 

Twin Flame Love, Soul Mates & The Divine Sacred Marriage 

Wild Woman Goddess Invocation & Spiritual Warrior Initiations 

Rituals, Rites & White Magic 

Spirit & Yoga Retreats