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Awaken your Kundalini Energy

Posted on June 18, 2018  by Orit

Kundalini is a life force that exists inside every one of us. Mary describes what this spiritual awakening feels like and how to awaken your own Kundalini force with safety, so that you can experience immense pleasure and flow in your life.

Mary Mikhael is a modern day Goddess, Soul Reader, Ghost Whisperer, Energy Worker, Spiritual Guidance Teacher, Coach, Medical Health Counselor, Author and keeper of the Twin Flame and the Sacred Marriage. Mary lives in Melbourne and extends her teachings world wide to people from all walks of life. Mary’s sessions and meditations are so powerful, you will feel every cell in your body move to the light.

Mary’s vision is to radically shift the consciousness from a fear and control based system to an empowered, spiritually liberated and heart centered humanity. Her teachings are to assist in the evolution of human consciousness moving people from martyr to Master.

Mary Mikhael -Twin Flame Sessions Include:
• Soul Readings, Channeling & Psychic Guidance
• Meditation & Spiritual Awakening Classes
• Karma, Past Lives & Soul Contracts
• Enlightenment Studies and Teachings
• Healing’s & Chakra Alignment
• Life & Spirit Coaching/Counselling
• Twin Flame Love, Soul Mates & The Divine
Sacred Marriage
• Wild Woman Goddess Invocation & Spiritual
Warrior Initiations
• Rituals, Rites & White Magic
• Spirit & Yoga Retreats
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Mary Mikhael is a sacred warrior, a self-described ‘vanquisher of fear, slayer of doubt’, who is determined to ‘sphere through layers of illusion and judgments that keep us “stuck” in separation.’ She’s a soon-to-be-published author, meditation teacher, soul reader, master healer and wife, mum, and sister. Mary shares her journey back into the remembrance of pure unconditional love; where this knowingness was ignited by the synchronised meeting of a man who was soon to be her lover, best friend and divine flame: her beloved, Jonathan Movitz. ‘I wished him into my life, and after all these lifetimes, he found me, and brought me home again,’ says Mary. Mary is joined by her soulmate Jonathan Movitz as Twin Flames where together they will talk about how to go deeper in relationships. A ‘modern-day goddess, soul reader and ghost whisperer’, Mary answered a few questions about her work.

What does it mean to be a modern day-goddess?

A modern-day goddess is a woman passionately dedicated to opening to her inner truth, accepting her divinity, owning her power and sharing her unique gifts with the world. She is a mystic – free like the wind and surrenders to the movement of spirit in every aspect of her life.

Soul reader?

Soul reading provides insight at a soul and spirit level. Here you learn your true (soul) life purpose, understanding karmas to clear or lessons to experience for soul growth. Unlike other type of reading, it does not focus on the personality, ego level, and does not require any cards or tools. It is literally reading the person’s soul!

Ghost whisperer?

The reality of being a ghost whisperer is the subtle ways in which mediums or light-workers receive messages from spirit. What most people are searching for is comfort and closure. Death is frightening. My job is to help them remove the fear of the unknown and find peace in the comfort that ‘life as we know it is perhaps not the only reality’. Messages come through in soft whispers or flashes of light or heat like fire. Usually there are short messages or clues to give guidance and comfort to those who have been left behind. Spirit can only give you so much information. They do not want to influence you or interfere with your own karmic journey, or the choices that we as individuals have made in order for our souls to progress. Jonathan and I respect life and the passing of the body, allowing the soul to journey naturally through to its next adventure in peace and freedom. Our love and passion is working very closely with our guides, our angels, the ascended masters and our higher selves – connecting to SOURCE.

How did you find your way to a more spiritual / esoteric path?

While I believe that I have always had a connection to spirit, what really helped me move more towards the spiritual path was my desire to seek out the ‘truth’.

I was living a life that didn’t feel right for me and made me question everything. I had to turn away from the beliefs that created fear and move past the pain imposed on me by family, friends and past relationships. Meeting Jonathan really brought that to life for me.

How did you two meet?

We meet at a personal-development course. I met him in an elevator and we introduced ourselves at the very end of the first day, and then by day six we were sitting on the same table exchanging notes and sushi.

And how did you both come to develop the relationship work?

I am a qualified counsellor and Jonathan was a coach and, through his personal development work, he has always been interested in the dynamics and characteristics of successful relationships.

Coming together as a couple provided the opportunity to utilise this expertise, as life gifted us enormous challenges over many years: gifts for our own learning and development.

In a spiritual context, over the years we have experienced and learnt about spiritual aspects that impact on all of our relationships including karmas, the Twin Flame and soul relationships. As our main goal was spiritual growth and birthing the divine sacred marriage, we utilised our previous knowledge together with our spiritual wisdom to create our dream and life purpose.

We now travel the world working with many gorgeous couples and souls.

What do you believe underpins a healthy loving relationship?

‘I love you not because you love me, but because you have taught me how to love myself.’

Feeling safe to be ourselves, to explore all parts of our being on our own and with/by and through them. Honesty, compassion, understanding, gratitude and intimacy on all levels (emotional, intellectual, spiritual and physical) a desire to free the other person from their false masks that keep them stuck and a true yearning to have them connect to themselves (even when they are afraid, especially when they are afraid) and then through this ‘deepening’ open up to each other, to explore our wholeness together, to celebrate life and love as one.

What are the biggest mistakes we make in our attempts to ‘partner’?

Not feeling complete from within ourselves. Searching for love in all the wrong places and ‘in the people who we know in our hearts are not good for our journey’ and especially ‘making LOVE’ something that we search for outside of ourselves. Wanting commitment and respect from a partner and yet not committing to or respecting ourselves. Thinking that we deserve more, yet entering the paradox of not believing that we are are deserving of the ultimate relationship. Being afraid, fearful, anxious, worried and manipulative when circumstances don’t go our way.

Owning the other person, believing that we need to control them in order to feel safe. Expecting that the other person’s role is to make us happy. Choosing comfort instead of ‘growth, new experiences and evolution’.

We often lose the essence in the very thing we want the most; for example, we hold onto religion so much and yet forget about god, we hold on to the relationship so much and forget about love.

What will you be sharing at Starlight Festival?

We will be running a soul connection meditation, and a talk on Twin Flame and divine sacred marriage, soulmates, soul contracts and karmic relationships. I will also be taking appointments for a meditation evening, a Twin Flame workshop, and one-on-one bookings for soul readings with me and also one-on-ones with Jonathan while in Byron. We will also be taking bookings for our retreat in Byron Bay in August and our ‘Awakening the Master’ retreat in Bali.

Mary Angelique Mikhael and Jonathan Movitz are at the Starlight Festival of Healing at the Bangalow A&I Hall 7–10 January.