Twin Flame provides education, workshops, personal one on one sessions, yoga and meditation retreats, various powerful meditation styles, disciples and tools to break down limitations of the mind and open your heart-spirit connection to life and to love. Join us for a journey of magic, mystery and dreams awakened as we open up the gateways to the light.

Soul Readings


Soul readings are psychic gateways into the heart of your soul. In this session we capture the primary reasons you chose to incarnate into the body this lifetime. It is the discovery of your true-life purpose. Soul Reading’s help you access soul contracts, karmic relationships, emotional/mental blockages that may need to be released. We look at your cellular imprints and DNA psychic code and work through how to unveil your gifts to the world. It is also about understanding who and what influences you on a deep level. We go into your past lifetimes and discover where the karma is, where the lessons are, what you need to fulfil, what you need to heal and how to align you back to spirit so that you can attain the life you deserve. Blockages will be cleared so we can open up pathways of abundance, love and opportunities. A combination of oracle cards is used afterwards to capture and gain more insight.

Goddess Awakening &
God Awakening Invocation


Invoke the Goddess and God within through a combination of channelled guidance, mantras, healings and teachings. You will be called upon and battle the negativity inside of you in order to achieve balance and ultimately initiate the feminine or masculine part of you

Readings & Channeled Guidance


Channeled guidance is connecting directly through source/ spirit and receiving divine messages from the astral – a higher dimension and that information comes through Mary and is delivered with love and care to the person she is sitting in front of. The messages that come through of a channelling nature are very high frequency messages and are done so with the help of ascended masters, guides, angels and other beings needing to assist. These sessions also include higher self activation. These messages are to assist the person in the evolutionary life journey. A combination of oracle cards is used afterwards to capture and gain more insight.

Life Coaching &
Spirit Guidance


Life coaching looks at all areas of life – mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. It looks at creating alignment in all those areas and by doing so having a healthy balance in order to meet ones own needs. Sessions comprise of behavioural transformation, trance work, and shift work to create self-mastery and a life of fulfilment on all levels. We also look at relationship with self and intimate relationship with others.


You will be taking a deeper look inside you to discover the deeper emotional patterns, limitations and fears and being aware of those. We move into the heart and shift those limitations so you can break through old paradigms and move from martyr to master.

Healings & Chakra Alignment


A powerful combination of Angelic, Shamanic, and Energy shift work capturing all of the senses; We use candles, natural resin, crystals, salt lamps, incense, crystal bowls, bells and ancient music to assist in clearing your aura and opening your chakra channels. In this session we look at your energy, etheric, auric and chakra body. By looking at all the different lights of your body we find blockages where you store pain and where you may have stored disease. These healings open up your energy channels and reveal to us pathways to emotional liberation and clear through a realignment of your chakra points. This is done through a combination of vibrational and angelic light work. After the session you feel like a whole weight has been moved and most people experience a profound shift after this session and create long lasting changes in their life.

Enlightenment Studies


Enlightenment teachings guide you to reach the final point of balance and attain a level of awareness where you see past the robotic movement of life as we know it; the systems of life and you are no longer in slave mentally. The teachings are to assist you to ‘unlearn everything so that you can know everything’. This involves a combination of practices and disciplines including mantras, chanting, yoga exercises, meditation practice and spiritual teachings. Its inner awakening undoing all that you have learnt in order to know thyself and remember your soul and why you are here.

Meditation Classes


“The smell of red roses, burning incense, moonlit burning candles and the sound of the highest mantra’s to divine mother/holy father through music that will help you reconnect with the heartbeat of creation. Mary’s voice will capture a heightened spiritual calling that will guide your mind/body and spirit into a sacred and mystical journey of profound awakening”.


A powerful transcendental meditation is currently held weekly in Melbourne. This meditation is guided by Mary Mikhael. It is a pure, safe and blessed space. Beginners are welcome, however it is suggested that you make contact with Mary prior to attending. Classes are currently held every Monday and Wednesday - $35 per person. Bookings essential as places are limited.


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One on One Sessions


Book in for a one on one with Mary Mikhael. Session with Mary may comprise and integrate the following:

  • Soul Readings, Channeled Readings

  • Spiritual guidance, past life, karma, higher self, life purpose, balance.

  • Enlightenment Studies and Teachings

  • Energy, Guides, Wellness, creating peace, balance of mind, body and soul.

  • Healing's & Chakra Alignment Vibrational, intuitive, shamanic, energetic, Reiki, guided, crystal.

  • Coaching & Counselling Removing blockages, Recognising limitations, creating change, Growth & Evolution.


Please Contact Us to book an appointment. Visit for more information on Mary Mikhael, her gifts and services.

Twin Flame Workshop


The Twin Flame workshop teaching is about the discovery of ancient feminine and masculine polarities and the unification of God/Goddess energy. We discover the ancient mysteries of intimate relationships on all levels and understand how to invoke this in our lives. Topics include; Unconditional love, commitment, attraction, sexuality, freedom, universal service and personal - spiritual - mental & physical growth. We also explore the healthy and unhealthy aspects of how women and men love and how to re-connect on a divine level so that union occurs and balance is reached. Being in love, finding each other and reuniting again to connect, clear karma and ascend - as well as living a deeply fulfilled life and having a wild adventure now. This teaching is has been locked away in hiding for centuries and is now being taught to people all across the globe to assist in raising our planetary vibration. You will unveil the universal truths of the yin/yang, Shiva-Shakti, & DNA codes of our initial memory. Normally run on a full day or a half day evening. Cost $220 per person. Also offering personal Twin Flame & Soul Mate reading’s and couple’s reading and sacred love initiations.



Spirit Retreats Australia is a sub arm of Twin Flame and provides a variety of retreats across Australasia. Our retreats are designed for anyone and everyone with different levels of meditation experience or those on different stages in their spiritual quest. Our retreats offer a safe, peaceful and beautiful space where you are able to relax and unwind, remove yourself from ‘busy’ life and connect with spirit without any distractions. Retreats are open to both male and females and from the ages of 17+. We offer short 3 day retreats to week long trips overseas. There are a variety of accommodation options available, including shared rooms or individual rooms with private bathrooms. All meals are vegan/vegetarian friendly.


For more information on the retreats and to view our upcoming retreats please click below. 


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