Look out for the messengers that present themselves to you, they have already begun arriving and will continue to expose themselves to you.

Pay attention to the messages as these expressions will have a part to play in your soul's evolution and the continual expansion of consciousness. These messages and the messengers who carry them have been guided to you for a very specific reason. Listen, and then decipher what feels like truth for you. The very way you choose to interpret and respond to these messages will be a part of the shift itself, so be aware. Pay attention to what experiences, people and places inflict fear into you and what experiences, people and places invoke love into you. Become a master in being able to move deeply into the truth of (the matter, the story, the voice, the person, the experience) and use your 'free will and creative energy' to 'transform, transmute and transcend all situations. We are all being carried with such grace towards the next step, the next part to our growth. This new path will awaken a new energy inside of us which will work with destiny to align us to purpose, soul love, intimate love, bliss, joy and adventure. Do not be alarmed if you feel like you are losing parts of your identity, or confused that all the beliefs you once had are no longer valid, you may question everything, you may feel empty, numb, uncomfortable, lazy, purposeless, you may feel you are at a cross roads, you may feel like running away or withdrawing, you may even feel like you are going stir crazy, like you are 'LOSING YOUR MIND'... actually.... just between you, me and the gate keeper --- YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY LOSING YOUR MIND... you are losing your mind to find yourself, to free yourself, to trust yourself ... to then move into DIVINE MIND. You may feel like your heart can't take anymore and it has become so vulnerable, so raw, so naked and exposed ... you may feel a tightness in the chest or experience some sadness or anxiety before the explosion happens and you burst out in tears releasing all the pent up, stored up emotion, energy that you have held onto for a long time, maybe even lifetimes. This may feel very painful, know that you are not alone. You are supported. Begin to RECEIVE and RELEASE whatever comes your way. You are purging out the old and toxic to make room for an exciting new and healthy journey. You are losing your pain, your attachments, possession, greed, and awakening the DIVINE HEART... LOVE is about to reveal itself to you in a way you never imagined possible. Just Go with it... be gentle, nurture yourself, eat well and pray before headed to bed for blessings and abundance whilst you rejuvenate your mind/spirit/body connection. YOU may also feel that a part of you is dying!! Freaking AWESOME, get excited - a part of you is dying --- an OLD part that can no longer help you attain the life you were meant to live at this time. This part must come to an end, so that a new beginning can truly emerge; like a great phenix from the ashes. YOU ARE AWAKENING THE MASTER WITHIN, activating the divine heart, the divine mind connection... I LOVE YOU ~ MARY xoxo

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