When I was a little girl, I always knew in my heart that God would create someone especially for me, so when I was 13 years old, I wrote on a piece of paper 'I want to see myself through the consciousness of another person's eyes', I kissed the note, folded it up gently and placed it in my bedroom inside my mirror. I have been dreaming him into my life since and living patiently awaiting the moment that we would meet again this lifetime.

Little did I know, that I too was being prepared for him. The many lessons and gateways I would have to live through to recognise true love, not ideal love but true love, I would have to learn about betrayal, betraying another person to be true to myself, I would learn about loss, attachment, the secrets of my heart and the chains that bind it, I would learn about the divine wisdom of my mind, and the control that holds it back from serving my soul, what I am truly passionate about. I would learn about money, wealth, material possessions, what it's like to have it all and what it's like to lose it all. I would be married to my soul mate who taught me so much about the world, about fear, love, and how we come in and out of people's lives for a specific reason, some stay and some go and that nothing is ever wasted or lost or in vain. So our time was up, our contact served it's purpose and our soul's said good-bye, we'll catch up again in another place.

I understood that often, we try so hard to hold on to relationships, that we forget about 'love', we forget that 'love is free like the wind' a precious Gift. How can one grasp the wind, we can't - it is simply to be felt as it kisses our face and touches our skin. Love cannot be owned, bought or possessed. I understood that we are often taught to control what we 'think' we love, rather than watching it grow and unfold into the beauty that had birthed it.

I didn't realise that this little note I wrote when I was a teenager would manifest in a way that would take me on a voyage to meet my Beloved, To meet God. To seek out what seeks me. I was to remember my true original nature; Unconditional love, Universal service. What a WiLD adventure that would then run it's course disguised as 'my life'.

When I met Jonathan, little did I know that I would LITERALLY meet 'my mirror'; that through him, I would see myself through the consciousness of God's eyes, your eyes, the world's eyes. I would see myself through my mother, a stranger, an insect, the tress, oh my God and yes .... nature. I would see myself in the light, the shadow, the darkness, for in truth; we are all infinite love, we are all ONE! There is no seperation, just our conditioned beliefs, and judgements that bind us captive to our own dreams and our own awakening.

So I begun my love affair with God, myself, life, the spirit world and laughed so much, wow did I laugh, I also learned to cry, to appreciate my tears, to honour my vulnerabilities, to stand in my power and speak my truth even when my voice would shake. I began being the LOVER i had always searched for, learning how to be so connected to me, learning to be intimate with my own breath, holding my own until all that was left was LOVE. This relationship wasn't romantic, it was DiViNE, it would present to us the mysteries of the universe and the keys to unlock the sacred marriage; it would impress upon us a responsibility to create a shift in consciousness.

This relationship has been MADNESS, testing, trialling, challenging at the best of times but TOTALLY worth every second. There was something very holy about how I felt, something very holy.

I understand more and more that people try to control what they cannot understand and this recognition has given me great peace. I accept them. I accept myself!! I accept my life!! I am un-learning ALL to come back to ALL that I AM. Thank God, I am strong enough to TRUST myself. Everyone in my life had a role to play --- those who shook me and those who shaped me. These experience will be a constant reminder for me to be my on person, my own master, to become loyal to my innermost truth, to follow the way when all others abandoned it and to walk the path of my own heart. I learnt to let go of anything that 'controls me'. Some people may call that defiance, I call that leadership, I call that freaking BRILLIANCE, I call that power.

Jonathan has been has been my greatest GIFT, my wildest dream, every day is such an adventure with him. Every man on this planet could take a few pages out of Jonathan's soul story. He has been my rock, a constant source of REAL love and support, he has shown me how to ''break free'' like a bird and not be afraid of tomorrow, not to be afraid of yesterday.. to BE so present, to pay attention to the power of NOW, to totally and absolutely embrace the MaGiKaL moments that surrounds us, so that one billion trillion of those MaGiKaL moments becomes our life as we know it. Thank you to all my beautiful friends who have become my family, for all your beautiful comments and endless love. You have shown J and I nothing but kindness, unconditional love, respect and grace. We are so honoured to share and celebrate our love and our life with such sincere and incredibly spirited people.

I love you, thank you from my bottom of our hearts for loving us and for trusting us xoxo Please send me your love and support as I put all the pages to my book together ~ Mary Mikhael (A lovers remembrance to calling of Beloved). The journey of the Twin Soul, The Twin Flame xoxo

Eternal Love forever

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