merry christmas

Merry Christmas lovers, sirens, dancers, gypsies, alchemists, witches, angels, faireys, Mystics, goddesses, God's, Kings & queens of life. To you I bow. Stay wild, free spirited, in love, safe and by wonder as you explore your path intertwined in the intricate tapestries of all paths, leading to the One, within the one. How fun is it unlocking the codes of the Matrix together as we follow the 'white bunny rabbit' into the jungles of the unknown. Here dreams leading into forever will guide us always by the heart, through the magical temples that are yet to be created as we breath in the vision of what tomorrow may bring. The passionate flames of Source burns in each once of us as we are ignited by the kiss of our beloved crafting spells of remembrance into our souls, and potently filling our emotions, our visions and our bodies with pleasure.with passion. with fire.

Twin Flame, myself and my beloved flame Jonathan Movitz, our glorious team of futuristic advocates and devotees of the present moment alongside our wild hearted dancers of worship and freedom come together to bless you with abundance, prosperity, beauty and connection at this time and forever. May your pursuit of personal exploration, health, well being and adventure be made full of goodness and so much naughty.

Thank you for your love, support and friendship, and from the depth of my heart thank you for the care and action you hold for this planet (all living energies big and small) and to your love, commitment and investment into your personal, soul and body evolution.

We are truly birthing the beginning of eternity at this time through 'sacred Union' and 'the merge' ... Where alignment happens in ebb and flow as hearts collide and balance restored. The birthing pains are deep, and may be painful, yet our soul knows that we are consciousness itself and allows for this process to be co created in the heart which is free rather than the mind that sets too many goals, creates to many stories, and dies a hundred thousand times to find itself; for in truth it can not find itself without first buying into the dream that it was lost in the first place.

It is all truly perfect. You are perfect.

This time is truly where we allow the embodiment of our essence to live through us, where our bodies becomes extensions of the temples we pray in, where we celebrate ourselves as deities, know ourselves as the eternal mirror, where mystery and love collide and simplicity moves our soul to be discovered in the now.

For those of you on the Twin Flame journey, birthing conscious relationships is so hip!!! It may not be the easiest process, but it will be the most fulfilling and will be worth how ever many lifetimes you have been blessed to work with the same mission. We are in this together - you are not alone, I stand beside you in service to humanity and the stars - In silence, we walk with the God's and our support is infinite, Absolute and pre-destined so take a chill pill and trust. It's all good.

I am here in Bali, feeling more free, more connected, more inspired and awake fully present with my mind-body-soul connection. Alive with my pleasure. Alive with the moment, the wind, the earth, the trees, the waters and the spirit of Agne, the fire as she moves through my inner being illuminating my passion and burning any cell that no longer vibrates at the frequency of unconditional love!! To you, we are always connected.

To the divine feminine mother Mary, bless your soul for invoking such a sacred birthing of the Christ energy and body on the planet. I see you. I feel you. I honour you.

Jesus, happy birthday you incredible master of masters, king of kings --- you have always been, and YOU WILL ALAWYS be the lover inside the incarnation of God that lives in my heart. You alone whispered my name and held me in your love since I was a baby. Thank you for your love, for your devotion, for your service ... I walk in your shadow's only to fulfil a drop of consciousness in the vastness of the ocean that you embodied. Also, thanks for allowing us earthlings to have a day off, go crazy with christmas shopping, connect with people we haven't seen all year, eat till we are going to burst and invent santa clauses and magical stuff for babies and the homeless at this time. We are kind of funny our civilisation aren't we???

P.S. stay humble, be kind, find your inner power, discover the universe that you are; that others also may discover themselves in your eyes.

Honour our animals and nature. They are Gifts. I'm watching you ;-)

P.s. Co-create peoplez with coopetition!!! 'creator' is so the old school. love yaz

I love you!! Mary xox

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