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The relationships you have with others can only be as good as the relationships they have with themselves, just like your love for them can only be as great as the relationship you have with yourself.

If they do not know how to love themselves, that limits how much they can love you. No matter how hard you try, how many awesome things you do, they cannot give you the love you seek to be mirrored.

They will always see you as their mirror and any unhealed aspect of their soul will reflect itself upon the friendship. You can not change this. This is the natural progression of one's own evolution.

A 30 year lesson in the making!!! I've always experienced this one, even at kinda garden and prep, maybe it's cause I love with my whole heart, maybe it's because I genuinely see magic in everyone - just know now, that my expression is my beautiful expression and that's what makes it so unique.

Whatever is stressing you out right now or causing you pain. Just let it go. I promise it will work itself out. Life always does. You just got to keep moving forward.

I've let this one go now, lots of tears and stuff but the moment I stopped trying to 'play cool, play spiritual, play anything other than authentic', consciousness itself started to change, and now I am super ready to travel with masters in their chosen field who have enormous wisdom, passion and awareness. Who give freedom instead of being controlling or possessive.

I realise that I am a very loving, passionate woman who has no problem with expressing my love, I care for my friendships through 'time, touch, kisses and absolute attention', this is because I am naturally a very intimate person. I also have no problems speaking my truth, creating gentle boundaries that honour my life and mirror my self worth, although this too is an area that I will now need to be much better at expressing.

I am so surprised about the number of people in the 'self help' or feminine movement that expect SOOOOOO much in return, they set the standards so high, defend themselves in the same of 'self hour' - apparently taking your power back means 'asserting your expectations and boundaries for what you want rather than a 2 way 'give - receive' flow'. Because of this attitude, I have had to step away fully and just 'observe - watch' as the energy fades away, The truth is - you can't make everyone happy - in truth, we all do the best we can for that time.

Peeps just allow 'unconditional love or shadow' just to be rather than creating something based on your own agenda - maybe just allow whatever needs to play out with respect for your/their journey. Watch it evolve. Give it freedom to take form. Watch it grow or let it go if it must. kiss it all to the wind. Life is way to short. For me now.

Forgiveness is the key to feeling good about how others treat you (forgive yourself, forgive each other) Then, release any anger you may feel, simply let it go and focus on other things.

With; Katie J Walker who despite the highs, lows, in betweens, the drunken night, the battlefields, the sensual baths with strawberries and champaz, sleeping in underwear together and dancing in the rain -or being hosed down cause the swimming pool was to dirty to swim in, working together, praying together, fighting and then resolving ----- always held the sisterhood ... I love you babe!! Thank you for seeing me, thank you for receiving our friendship.

And to all my other sexy babes!!! I love you.

Living With Joy, Mary Angelique Mikhael

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