Happy New Years Lovers!!

May 2017 open up portals for you that only dreams are made of, explorations that will set your soul on fire and wild passionate encounters what will leave your mind, body and heart yearning for more.

Let's celebrate into the new year as you kiss the number '9' goodbye, the year for ending's, change and letting go .... and step into the new year of leadership, inspiration, purpose and co-creation.

I am so grateful to have each of you in our lives, our stories, our moments, I celebrate your essence with you and walk beside you as we grow, evolve, make love and get lost in the mysterious and ever so exciting forests of life.

This year for me has been such a deep initiation, I have learnt so much, forgiven everyone, healed deep parts of myself, courageously faced my shadows and looked them face on in the mirror to feel their lurking presence in my life without fear or judgement, I have seen my demons and healed even their darkest imprints, I have encountered a gateway so profound I remember dyeing a hundred thousand lifetimes and experiencing each death to the fullest - my body in a state of shock and grief as ancient parts of my soul travelled back to the land above the stars back to the bosom of source timelessness infinite love, I remember walking on the stars as this medicine moved into every cell of my being and awakened me from my sleep.

This year, was the beginning lifetimes of searching - I unveiled the sweet mysterious face of the Goddess and offered myself to her completely - my most cherished offering, I extended my whole being and gifted her the God as she rose to my calling, finally after all these years I begin to explore my divine feminine consciously, accepting all parts of myself, looking people (all people) deeply in the eyes as though I pierce nakedly through their travelling soul to expose myself fully and to love them fully in their truth also.

2016 for me has seen many people walk away, I believe that the universe has a way to break that which will not bend - and so it was. People who expected too much from me, people who would come into my home and 'take take take', people who wanted more from me than what i could offer, people who tried to curse me, judge me, hold me prisoner in their illusion and ask that I step up and allow them to continue this ---- To you I bow, you have taught me how to love unconditionally, you have helped me call in forgiveness, you have allowed me to step us and be free. For in truth, your acceptance of me can and will never define my essence nor will it dictate my life. I have turned sadness and loss into acceptance and peace. I no longer wish to understand why some people behave the way they do, I let go, I learn to love myself, take responsibilities for any part I have had to play in our encounter and I offer myself so much love and kindness and compassion, that none of your swords could ever harm me. This year, I have swum in the oceans of 'acceptance'. Thank you.

This year, after 14 years of being with my beloved, we have chosen to move in together (3 houses of course hahahahah) Bali, Byron & Melbourne ... still holding our own individual unique paths yet holding our paths combined as sacred and finding 'freedom in togetherness' which is massive because we have both mastered freedom in aloneness ... we have broken out of our comfort zone preparing for 'The Merge'; a sacred contract bonded by love and sealed by the breath of fire - the sword of the angels who guide and protect our path.

This year, I have moved in with my incredible universal sister, Ali Travers who walks beside me in absolute planetary service, and business management and friendship - we have gone through highs, lows and in betweens, we have gone through wild lost journeys through the deep dark night of the soul, we have explored all energies, invoked the Gods, cast out the walk in's and spent hours, days, months, years in healing creating sacred ritual to amplify our energy and bless our incarnations. This year 2016, whilst we were in Bali - something magical happened, after a 3 hours ritual with a master medicine man who lives in the jungles of Ubud, we drove home in silence - we knew that something was different, we had changed forever, we were to be kissed by the deities, touched by the mystery of spirit and compelled to embody our most authentic selves on our unique paths and also together. We became sisters, we were initiated into the sisterhood. Our journey of living together inside the heart of the Goddess temple, The temple of Sacred Marriage has come to an end, and 2017 will mark the beginning of the very new journey of new homes. I love you girl, always.

This year, I have reconnected with my beautiful body, my pleasure, my temple... I have awoken all parts of her that were in hiding, I danced, and moved, and invoked every cell that wanted to scream out the pain, the shame, the guilt, the sadness and I transformed the mourning into deep beauty, deep sacredness, I offered the day to the night and the night to the day, and I asked them both to melt into the One, within the One. I am now looking at taking on the practice of 'sacred sexuality, body consciousness and Tantra' as of 2017.

This year, I have met the most amazing soul tribe!!! Fuk, these people are creating a LOVE REVOLUTION ... to name only a few of these ridiculously amazing souls that walk amongst us as activists of change on this planet for consciousness, animals, health and love; Chelsea Kilikidis Mareya WatlingJacqui Powell Hanna Nyasa Stephenson Nigel Bond Sarah Marshall Jason Lindsay Kelly McCormick David Goodwin you are such power houses, your passion for life is potent and I adore you by the trillions. You are my mirrors,my friends - I am honoured to be a part of your love.

This year, death has come collecting my mentor Rose Ingraham, my Twinny best friend, Samuel Hardidge (holding his beloved goddess Rebecca Stark in my arms as she bid his body goodbye only for a short time, I have lost my aunty, my cousin, my friend, and so many incredible artists who will now pave the way forward on their new evolutionary journey into the unknown. I love you, and I hold you inside me, and I know that we will meet again.

This year, I have been surrounded by magic!! As I welcome 2017, and on behalf of Twin Flame Enterprises, I would love to introduce to you ONE LOVE HUMANITY & THE MERGE - our partners in conscious evolution and abundance.

Thank you thank you thank you. In gratitude. To everyone I have ever met, you have each touched me in some profound/gentle way.

Eternal Love, Mary Angelique Mikhael


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