Good morning lovers ... What a gorgeous way to wake up here in Ballina NSW surrounded by the water river spirits and her dolphins that come and visit our front door step. Such a beautiful way to live-to love. Feeling so grateful to create a life of meaning, depth, passion and total service. Today I begin my day with worship, with absolute reverence to my inner voice, that leads me on my path; my body that carries my vessel, my pleasure, my incarnation this time, my energy that holds, contains and manifests my MagicK, my lips that speak all the ancient names and carry the kiss of the soul transferred to the lips of my beloved, my sexuality that births all of life and expresses my fire... I listen carefully to the whispers of the goddess as I continue breathing her into my lungs, invoking her as she swims into the oceans of my blood caressing each cell with the movement of spirit, the seal of balance and the book of dreams. Today I am blessed to be a part of the collective consciousness. Thank you. Preparing for a full day of one on one sessions today ... Creating a temple space for my clients who will enter into their temple also and share parts of their sacred journey, preparing for mystery to be revealed, gateways to open, portals to manifest, masks to fade away, body to reemerge from hiding, layers to be stripped, remembrance is key and then more keys are given to be unlocked .... Have a wonderful day beauties, stay present in your adventure ... and remember ---- co-create!!! Abundance!! I ❤️ you!! Mary xox

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