Just wanted to share something with y'all beautiful people ... 'my experience of truth' so of course take any wisdom like a grain of salt unless it meets you where your heart is, and it resonates with you on a deep level.

So, the Twin Flame ... so many people are waking up to a calling, a pull, an awakening - generally instigated through a profound meeting with another person that sets them on a spiritual quest. This quest leads them in so many new and different directions, but mostly realigning them back to soul mission and remembrance. This relationship incarnates to birth 'conscious relationships' on the planet and acts like a catalyst for change, transformation, creativity and co creation bringing about a love revolution and manifesting new medical systems, new education systems, new government structures, new realities around parenting and community and marriage so that this earth can shift and experience an evolution in planetary intelligence and humanitarian resources rather than killing each other in the name of money, sex or religion.

So many things happen as a consequence of this meeting which is orchestrated not by chance but by divine intervention.

It does not matter if you 'think' you have met your twin flame, it actually does not matter if you are in this 'connection' and do not know about the twin flame, in truth - the name is irrelevant ... the less you get caught up in the name, the more you can begin the journey from a place of conviction, commitment and service - this level of receiving is deeply vested in unconditional love, awareness and consciousness.

A pure intention to step 'outside of the ego' and our own selfish mental desires and move towards collective love, collective union, collective oneness, We become 'universal' like the sun - like the moon, in service to all - rather than in service just to the drop of consciousness - which is only an illusive mental story that we inherited through karma and an uneducated system plus our own shadow that wants to hold on to power and control.

You genuinely and authentically move towards co-opetion rather than competition, co creation rather than creation, community rather than individually focused, from separation to collective, from massive fear to unconditional love.

Everything begins to break down right in front of your eyes, your beliefs your programs your stories your desires your fears and doubts and shadows your ambitions your memories your cellular en-codements

You begin to rebel, in love not in defiance. You begin to finally KNOW source love You begin to see the divine plan you begin to want to serve the highest good you begin waking up to your body, your pleasure your mind, your awareness, your psyche your heart, your passion, your psychic abilities expand your empath abilities become more apparent

Many people will say that the TRUE twin flame can never hurt you. This statement lacks awareness .... I would love to shed some wisdom around this for you.

It's not that your twin (or conscious partner) can never hurt you, in truth we are open to 'any person' mirroring the pain and trauma we have inside so that we are able to release and heal deeply through the 'support and vibration' of divine love.

So I guess what I am saying is, that each person is on different levels in their own intimate relationship to self and twin or soul mate or karmic mate or mirror; our experience is and will almost always be felt, experienced and perceived different to someone else's and whilst unconditional love is ABSOLUTELY the key connection - everything may and will come up to the surface (emotionally, spiritually and mentally) so that we can grow and evolve.

This relationship is not about 'not feeling the pain', it is about transcending the pain and gaining wisdom and soul growth. If you are evolved enough, you will realise that 'NO ONE can actually ever hurt you - whether your twin or not, because you take full responsibility for your emotional and spiritual self.

This relationship is not a romanticised version of love, it is not a co dependant contract nor is it driven predominately by sex and attraction (even though the physical attraction and dynamic is intense and out of this world mind blowing) the relationship is predominately on a SOUL level which incarnates to balance the soul WITH the PHYSICAL so that a union is birthed, the merge can happen and no more separation occurs.

I would suggest you release all expectations, all knowledge, all perceptions and all beliefs if you can ... meet yourself in a place of self honour and self love, take time to breath through whatever is occurring for you, and if another person is involved take some space and then meet them for where they are, not where you want them to be. Remember key here is 'being real' rather than desiring the 'ideal'. From this place, and only from this place will you feel free, liberated, beautiful, sacred, grounded and ready to take on the 'real lessons' that remain hidden underneath the illusions or masks that cover the gifts up.

My advise to you; if you meet anyone who sets you on ANY kind of spiritual quest ... fuking just LOVE them, if you have anyone in your life that beams with life, LOVE them, if you have anyone in your life that is in deep pain, just LOVE them, if you have anyone in your life that loves you, LOVE them back, if you meet anyone who you believe is your ONE, HONOUR THEM as you would honour the great mystery of life ... i'll tell you a secret 'THEY ARE THE GREAT MYSTERY OF LIFE', as YOU are. Remember, they play, they feel, they love. LOVE YOURSELF as much and as often as you can so that you are even capable of meeting them in that place.

You are amazing, I believe in you, you are not alone!! Remember you are supported (even when you can't see the support). It's right there, closer than you think - just close your eyes and say 'I RECEIVE' ... then be patient and watch yourself unfold, remember patience is 'love without time'.

Don't worry too much about whether there is distance between you, for in truth no amount of time or space could ever separate you. Don't worry about who's running or who isn't, what the situation is like, who isn't returning your love, why it isn't working ---- just get through day by day knowing that you are loved, and loving the other enough for them to be truly happy!! In time, everything will be revealed --- 'TRUTH RECOGNISES TRUTH' and the universe always has a way to break that which will not bend.

I am available for anyone that would like to speak to me, Skype me or attend our 1 day taster workshop on the 'Sacred Marriage' or your own personal journey into the gateways of consciousness, love and energy medicine.

May your journey be blessed always!!

Eternal Love, Mary Angelique Mikhael

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