Good morning lovers, Have a beautiful day!! Set your intention. Step into the power of the present moment and take time to really take it all in this time round.

Create sacred space and connect, reconnect. Smell the roses, go hug a tree, be kind to someone that can do with a smile, have amazing mind blowing sex with the person you love, take some risks, go on an adventure, sell up and travel, love with your whole heart, follow your dreams (just do it) they may just lead you to where you exactly need to be, kiss your friends on the lips, save as many animals as you can and be their guardians from afar, hold your power and pierce through your fears with fire and a passionate determination, walk with the Gods, go skinny dipping, exercise - get strong - get fit - get prepared!! Cook more than you need and give some to someone who doesn't expect it, stay wild, be vulnerable, be happy for yourself, be happy for others. Bow down and feel the heart beat of the earth, and then raise your arms to the heavens. Be nice, be intense, stay soft and strong, tough and weak, shy and confrontational ... be true to you. Your journey is unique. You are a unique imprint marked with a seal bonded by love.

Stop giving a F7^%K what people think of you - people will always have an opinion. Stat living by your own truth, your own creed. Whatever you need to experience what has already been ordained is playing out now, so there you go!!

The importance of cleansing is so underrated. We clean our homes, we clean our cars, we clean and wash our clothes, yet we must also recognise the power of 'cleansing' our energies, our bodies, our FB page lol. This acts to recharge sacred tools and gives the universe and your guides the indication that you care and value every part of your existence.

To each person that sees me, knows me, knows of me, watches me, feels me - to you - in this very moment I SEND PEACE. I release ALL negativity that surrounds me. I release ALL toxicity that surrounds us. I am protection ... I am protection ... I am protection ... My heart is love, love is my protection. I release all that is not in alignment with my highest heart and the highest heart of my beloved in service to my humanitarian and planetary mission. Anything that does not belong to me, I kiss to the wind, I release, I breath back out of my body and send to the blood of the soil of the earth for transmutation and the process of alchemy. I send to the stars for regeneration and freedom.

I am PROTECTION. I AM PROTECTION. I AM PROTECTION. And to you, I offer the protective force field of love that becomes my guardian through all the seasons, and all the cycles of change, evolution, endings and new beginnings. SO BE IT!!!

Blessed be always, your reflection in the mirror master. Eternal Love, Mary Angelique Mikhael

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