Feeling so blessed to exist in and amongst this universe, co-creating my own experience.

Whether it is high or low, I have peace in my mind-peace in my heart. I see the chaos, challenges and pain and I love these times as much as I love the ebb and flow and joy. I am in union with beloved. polarities become the movement of my experience until I rise above both light and dark into the timeless infinite ocean of love - consciousness ...

Realising how precious life is. Owning my part every moment. Feel like I am watching all the ripples of the ocean, observing all vibrations as part of the ONE and trusting in each person's divine expression of their soul/life journey as a part of collective evolution. I beginning to truly honour all walks of life, people, places, events, family, friendships.

Beginning to see and understand the pattern, and how the patterns communicate - the pull back and forth from the force, nature, free will, divine will, people, animals, the stars and Omni universes ... So beautiful!!

I am free, and my only desire is that you are free - to create your heaven or your hell in every moment - I see that we are all part of an intricate web of life responding to collective co-creative energy or reacting against the tide. Either way, everything is simply responding to vibration.

Which energy do you choose? How do you live by this energy? Is your body, home, craft, spell, and face a reflection of this energy medicine that you carry?

Today, I move in to acceptance ... allowing all things just 'to be', knowing that I AM LOVED, and that divine intervention is at play. And my part is how I choose to 'respond'.

Sending out through the airwaves explosions of creative energy and magick, echoes of this love vibration moves through the earth into the stars right now - from my heart - to the heart of creation.

Have a beautiful Monday!!

Love, Mary Angelique Mikhael

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