Men, boys, warriors, lovers, uncles, brothers, fathers, soldiers, husband's brothers, God's ... I FUK&%$*iN Love you!!

Time for us to embrace the men in our lives, the boys in our lives, the lovers, fathers, brothers, soldiers ... whatever their 'so called role is' they are our partners in life and love - however they show up or how we welcome them into our temples.

Men, my heart is open to you always, I honour your essence - I know you - I see you and it's time for balance, union, respect and awareness.

For the men and the women in my life, please come and see me if you would like to understand deeper how to connect your your men or how to connect to your selves on all levels.

This is not about creating a fantasy about the 'divine masculine' and reject the beautiful raw and deep emotions, this is not about making 'anger, sadness, deep grief and aggression' wrong either. This about making space and creating time to allow for 'expression, emotion, and a meeting of hearts' to begin with.

Watch this movie if you can and spread the awareness.

I will be writing about this topic more in the coming weeks!!

Love, Mary

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