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Hiya everyone, Just thought I'd keep you posted on energy of last week and this week from beautiful Thailand. Wow what a ride!! A mixture of emotions, out of body experiences and unbelievably vivid dreams? Anyone else experiencing this? The dream state has been 'sacred affairs' almost prophetic and totally inspired by our guardians and our higher self.

These messages act as 'divine keys' and are designed to help us unlock truths which will move us on the next part of our life journeys - short term 2017 to assist all the pieces of the puzzle in 'coming together' so that we are able to move into alignment with our purpose on a deeper level. Our subconscious is delivered at this time to the grace of a higher council for renewal and cleansing. I have remembered each dream to detail, every message was direct divine intervention asking of me that I step up at a higher frequency to create and co create with the new earth that is evolving at this incredible time. Often we have needed chaos in our lives to create harmony - to give birth to a dancing star. This time has arrived.

I have been very busy visiting ppl in their dream state, and so many of my incredible friends have come to visit me with messages and gifts. These encounters are blessed.

The week before there was some very toxic energies hanging around, old emotions and unresolved parts of collective (all the pieces of the puzzle) hanging out loosely in the airwaves ... some of us were feeling restless, nervous at the amount of change occurring, uncomfortable and a little on edge - knowing that change will occur yet not being able to place our fingers exactly on what may occur ... this was the beginning of 'old energies' being reborn on the planet and offered a RITES OF PASSAGE to release, heal, make peace and transform all shadow parts or dark lingering parts of the soul a chance to grow and expand their consciousness in the field of infinite love ...

For in truth, BALANCE IS KEY!! The serpent or the Kundalini archetype has been initiated to assist us in our transmutation. For many of us empaths, light workers, shadow walkers, Faye's, priestesses, God's and Goddesses we would have picked up on a 'IN-BALANCE' and some of us withdrew, went in, spoke truth in a way we have never spoke truth before, some of us simply witnessed the 'imbalance in our own 'mental, physical, spiritual, sexual and emotional bodies' and this would have been an indication to work on our inner and outer selves to balance the scales and continue responding to the call of collective shift.

The last few days for both Jay and I have been all kinds of weird, strange, awkward, a mixture of highs,lows and in betweens - our bodies have felt tired, energised ... but mostly as though 'something was missing' within them .... we had been emptied out to be filled up again ... the loss that came up, feeling out of our bodies in amongst different dimensions. Our bodies knew exactly what we had decided to 'let go of' and now we were to sit in this 'emptiness' for a while ...

On a physical level, it is super important to rest, heal, get massages, drink plenty of water, engage in sacred sexual connections and move into deep union, have lots of swims and meditate or spend time alone in reflection amongst nature if you can. If you have the energy, or when you begin to receive the energy again, DANCE ---- GO TO THE GYM OR WALK to increase the amount of shakti/life force in your physical body again .... The body is your temple, your vessel, your means to experiencing this life on a multidimensional point of view so self love, body consciousness, honour is important. The foods you eat may change or the way in which you eat, how you perceive food moving into your body may change.

Being on in your own company is key at the moment as we are being asked to 'awaken, enlighten, source out our own unique truths and sit quietly in our own company'. Being amongst others may trigger some emotions that are karmically still attached to you - so please be aware of this, the other person is simply mirroring what needs to be healed from deep within you.

We are moving into a deep union with ourselves. The sacred marriage/the divine merge is occurring as an imprint at the moment. Anything which is not at this frequency will be pushed out. In truth everything is love, vibrating differently - so anything that your mind see's as separate will be 'revealed' and pushed out, if that makes sense ... because the universal truth is that all is perfect and we are in collective oneness ... our thoughts, emotions, identifies create the illusive thought that we are 'incomplete' so these 'incomplete parts will be revealed ....

The physical changes are obvious at this time, people moving houses, or travelling interstate or changing jobs or re aligning to their passion/ their purpose in a greater way. I would ask you to be patient with these changes and embrace the new - take time to truly sit in your spare and call for the 'changes that are absolutely' in alignment and balance to your creation rather than being pulled a thousand different directions by what's happening around you. We are experiencing ourselves as part of the whole at the moment so of course any decision/choice we make from this perspective will reap awesome outcomes.

In regards to the mystical, the metaphysical and the inter dimensional relationships that we have with ourselves and others; these magical relationships will experience a 'rebirth', whether we believe in soul contracts, twin flames, karmic mates ... is not really the 'make or break' what will matter here is that we honour all types of relationships in our lives and we stay open to the infinite possibility that we are truly all connected on such a deep level, that our hearts, minds and bodies will direct us by will to the will of our higher selves.

The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.

All relationships will experience truth or a emotional, physical, spiritual, psychic and mental shift taking place and will be given the opportunity to truly embody their full potential without the need to attach to an 'outcome, an addiction, an expectation, a program or a pattern that is running us'. Our wounds and pain will be given the chance to heal, let go, and begin a new journey of self love and self honour at this time where we release anything that no longer serves into the RITES OF PASSAGE for new beginnings'. This is an incredible awakening ...

What you can do to make things flow for you during this time: SPEND TIME ALONE :-) 1. Do not resist anything that comes your way. 2. Observe everything without needing to fix, change or resist it. 3. Stay open 4. Stay in your heart / love energy 5. Notice any judgements/illusion or thoughts that keep you stuck in a program or pattern of 'self protection' do not analyse it, just observe 6. Drink plenty of water 7. Be kind to yourself 8. Take yourself out on a date or spend time alone 9. Meet everyone including yourself exactly where they/you are 10. move, walk, dance 11. Sleep, rest, heal 12. LOVE yourself first!! Unconditionally.

Lots of love, Mary Mikhael Angelique

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