Those that are fortunate to come across this beautiful person will realise their lives completely changed forever. I met Mary one year ago at the Mind, Body and Spirit festival in Melbourne. Her teachings and philosophies on life, relationships, and soul purpose, helped me to discover my own destiny in this world. I'm forever grateful for her love and support as this is a reflection of the person she is. I will always give my support to such an incredible woman who is here to make an impact in our world. If you wish to find guidance in discovering yourself in ways you've never felt before, to find eternal happiness and love, and to find your own feet in this world, you will find this guidance in Mary.

~Dr. Philip Alexander~


Due to an unexpected meeting with beautiful Mary, my life has turned around. When I first met her I was in a dark and very unhappy place but since having her spiritual guidance, healing and chakra alignment I have come to realise a lot more about myself which I didn't think I was capable of. I'm not completely healed and still have a way to go, but with Mary by my side guiding and teaching me with her vast knowledge of the universe, I will be healed.
Thank you Mary xx


Mary :) I have tried many alternatives to help with my anxiety, depression and other issues. When I first met Mary I instantly knew I wanted to do more work with her! I have been seeing her each week for over a month now, and attend her weekly meditation group. I feel amazing! And even though I have more work to do, I already see the improvements I have made within myself with the guidance of Mary every week. I never thought it was possible to see such a quick progress, but I have! I always look forward to my time with Mary, as I know it will be one step closer to eliminating my issues. Mary is a beautiful spirit who I can put my complete trust in. Have a great dayxxx




Mary last night was AMAZING! Thanks for your beautiful and precious teacher and soul. The authority in your voice during meditation is healing the abused inner child and helping my inner Goddess to rise up. Bless you Mary"



Namaste. Last night was great. I feel your teaching was at a higher level because you included the tools to exercise free will. For example, you can suppress your darkness or give it over to God or give it up or let it go!! That gives the student the knowledge/tools and the choices to exercise free will. My tears were of truth, tears of being in awe of the information I received and tears of thankfulness. Thank you beautiful Mary xxx


Thank-you for lightening my load beautiful Mary. I can't explain the transformation and sense of peace I have. You have a very powerful gift and I am excited to learn more xo


This is my testimonial for the Bali Retreat 2015.


And wow what an experience! I met some of the most amazing people I've ever met in my whole life that I got along with straight away. Felt so much love from the group and Bali itself. I saw beautiful hearts who came for a spiritual, emotional, and physical healing, with many carrying a lot of challenges they've experienced in this lifetime. As the days continued, I witnessed a massive transformational healing, where together, the group embraced these challenges and learnt to accept and love who they truly are. So humbled and grateful to have been part of this experience. On a personal note, I'm thankful to Mary, Jonathan, and the whole group who helped me overcome my own challenges and transform them into self-acceptance and love within myself. I now appreciate all my challenges as gifts and feel that I can share my love and light with freedom to the rest of the world smile emoticon Will be planning to do it all again next year to share in the growth and evolution of our souls. Thank you so much!

~Love always, Philip~


Wow, what an amazing retreat. I went to the Bali Retreat to reconnect with my Higher Self.


At the retreat I found that connection and also realised that I have always been connected, just not realising what I was looking for has always been there, I just needed to remember and accept myself for who I am and to look inside for the connection. I also had an amazing experience of my true self being disconnected from ego. The feelings I feel being disconnected from ego are unexplainable as they arefeelings I have never experienced before.


The closest way to explain these feelings would be pure bliss, unconditional love, inner peace, freedom and total connection all rolled into one feeling. It was like viewing the world through a new set of eyes all in high definition. Thank you Mary Mikhael, Jonathan Movitz and each and everyone of you that was on the retreat for your love support and great memories.

Love and Light to you all
Thank You



My testimonial xx


This retreat has been absolutely pivotal for me…


Two years ago it was bought to my attention that I was dragging around my past energetically. I felt heavy and depressed and could not find the light at the end of the tunnel, I was awakening to my life and didn’t like it what I saw.


One day I found my inner reserve to stand up and go and seek answers, the decisions I made from there, lead me to Mary and her amazing man Jay and their beautiful soul family – the twin flame team.


Working with Mary over 18 months has bought my world alive, her ability to recognise truth and replace ego with love is phenomenal. Your soul can’t deny it’s reflection of itself and Mary holds this mirror well to help you see yourself. Jay has open my eyes to the world and taught me about connection and removing separation but the most important - the real difference between divine and ego. I mean, before this retreat my ego thought ego was divine! Woops… His ability to explain and demonstrate wisdom so specifically, almost unlocks your ego to hear the truth.


This retreat has truly rebirthed me into a new me. All the hope I held my whole life has been ignited with passion and vigour for possibility. I always held hope for brighter days in my life and I cannot thank you both enough for your unconditional love and support and commitment to my soul’s evolution.


I would recommend this retreat to everyone who wants change, growth and wisdom of self. I truly believe Mary and Jonathan are the greatest facilitators and teachers I have met.


From the location in Ubud at Ananda to the company chosen to journey alongside us, everything was divinely planned to the detail taking into consideration the very best outcomes for all. I am in gratitude and always will be for the gifts you are and have given. Thank you so much for a touching and powerful retreat. I would do it again 10 times over. On the other side, I feel happy and alive, everyone wants to know my secret to this spark I now have. I already have 4 people keen on Bali because they are craving the freedom that I have been gifted, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Beautiful Mary. I completely mirror everything that has been said. Your work and dedication to the growth of not just individuals but universal consciousness and co-existence is amazing!! I had the absolutely treasured memory of meeting you in such a random but knowing way. Your healing sessions with me have been immense and powerful, yet gentle and loving. A session with you is so much more than just clearing, it is having you as a reflection and understanding the things that I couldn't make sense of. 

I also had the honour of teaching yoga at your beautiful goddess retreat. Each morning I came in, the energy shifts were phenomenal, the connections that beautiful goddesses were making was so strong and pure magic. You are an aiming person, who has an amazing gift and serves divine and individuals. Your care for your clients, before during and after is something I have experienced first hand, and that is amazing. 
Love your work, love you, love what you do 


Having a one on one session with Mary Angelique Mikhael isn't just an ordinary counselling session where you just talk and get nothing out of it. Sessions with mary are beyond what you'd expect, as soon as you walk into the room you are totally in a different dimension, she can read people like she's known them for a long time its absolutely phenomenal! Its so worth seeing mary for a session! If you are having trouble with relationships, self control addictions. She can help you with that. She helped me through depression and i am utterly grateful. I feel so safe when I'm with her, no evil spirits will ever get in the way of your session with mary. Emotions will flood you during the session, just let them out! Last time i had a session with mary i couldn't stop giggling. You won't regret it my lovelies!


It is such purity & power when working with Mary one on one. Her gifts are out of this world!!!
Such deep cellular healing occurs, that you walk out of the session a new person, having released, shed, healed, transmuted and transformed. 
Holding you in such deep love and compassion, so you can feel safe to go through what you need too.. 
She is such a gift to this time and place.
I highly recommend booking in for a session with this lady.
What's more is that this work also transfers over into the workshops and retreats. 

"No one every said it would be easy" lol.. 
the hardest work always has the greatest rewards, blessings and gifts 
I've received many gifts, a friendship with you being one of them.. 
The greatest of all.. moving into and fully remembering love at its deepest level... ...
Then holding others through ...
Wouldn't have been able to remember this, after waiting so long.. 
with out you and jay.
I am eternally grateful



To say my life has changed as a result of my healing is a major understatement!! Day 3 after the healing as if magic was at play my shift came, it did not disappoint... Other than the mental clarity and overwhelming feeling of needing to live my purpose immediately... A sense of absolutely knowing people need me, the planet needs me, my time is NOW!! My physical posture actually changed, I stand up so tall now, not even realising I wasn't before.. My senses to higher possibilities has opened and I'm so looking forward to exploring the new opportunities this has opened for me.. In the actual healing I called in archangel Gabriel to be with me and I have honestly never felt so supported in anything I have experienced, this has by far been one of the best things I have EVER done for myself!! I would do this 100 times over!! Thank you Mary xx :)



When I first connected with Mary I knew that I was in the presence of a beautiful, loving pure soul. After my first session with her, I was absolutely speechless and blown away that she touched my heart and soul in a way that no other has. Being a spiritual medium myself, I can certainly say that Mary’s work is of the highest and purest vibration, something, which is vary rare. She is a gift to all that meet her, all that work with her and most importantly she is such a gift to this world.  Thank you Mary for finding me, for this I am very blessed.


Mary Mikhael is a phenomenal woman, an amazing soul, a beautiful spirt. She is loving, kind, generous, authentic, truthfully direct with a vast sense of knowledge and wisdom for everything metaphysical, spiritual, astrological, emotional, physical and mind/ego based.


Mary is tremendously passionate about her work, helping others, living, loving and creating life. She helps you, guides you, transforms you from a caterpillar to a butterfly, from a caged bird to wings of freedom. Mary has unimaginable powers to heal you, she encourages you to tear away your veils of illusions and strips you back to your core soul being.


Mary guides you to set the REAL you FREE. Free to then create your life the way you desire it, attracting abundance in all areas of life and discovering your hidden purpose and passions. You start to see the beauty, magic and the power of the universe, everything in it, above it and below it.


I am so grateful to have been guided to Mary Mikhael's meditation classes, from the first class I was like a "moth to a flame" and have been addicted ever since! The energy she creates in the room/temple, her spiritual teachings and her presence are incredibly powerful!I am forever eternally grateful to you Mary, I am spiritually awakening and to me that's the greatest gift of all. XoxoxoNamaste Mary Mikhael~ A Goddess, an Angel~ The Spiritual Warrior who "DOES IT ALL"


Greetings, On Friday 3rd May 2013 I saw Mary telling her I did not feel motivated and mentioned I wanted to sell my house. Mary did some healing and clearance of blockages on me. Three days later a man going to my neighbors house asked if anyone was living there. Out of nowhere and with confidence I replied, "Yes, why do you want to buy it? You can buy mine if you want." Turned out that he had made an offer on my house two years ago and still wanted to buy it. Incredibly amazing and thankfully true. My motivation has increased beautifully, giving me a sense of achievement and pride and joy in being soulful to myself. Thank you Mary.


My heart is experiencing explosions of Love and Joy like huge fireworks in the night sky. This Love and Joy comes from deep within my soul as I integrate the Self Acceptance of who I am and living my darhma, being a free spirit and walking my path of Peace.

Thank you Beautiful Mary and Beautiful Jonathan for creating the space and bringing together (again) our amazing soul family. Thank you to each and everyone of you for sharing this journey and walking this amazing and incredible path with me.
My heart is full of Love and deep gratitude and my eyes are full of joyful tears.

Namaste Everone

Beautiful Mary Angelique Mikhael, words cannot describe the powerful shifts and transformation I have experienced not only on the Goddess retreat but since coming home. I will never- and can never be the same person I was last Thursday. My inner world is full of love, compassion and acceptance and so it is on the outside. If you are a woman reading this- take this as your Devine sign that you need to book in for the next retreat. The more women empowering themselves with this wisdom and consciousness the better for the whole of humanity. My heart and soul are full of gratitude for you Mary and what you have created. Peace and magic always sister xx


Just got to say I love you! Today feels great. Thanks for the tools you have taught and the gifts that continue to come. Ahhhh lovin' life sister.. Swear high of the energy right now lol This Goddess Retreat was amazing ! 


It's taken a couple of days but here it is.
This year I've taken steps to do more for ME. Not something I usually do. In the last week i have spent time with some of the most beautiful woman. I have journeyed to a place of self love, awareness and peace. It was hard at times but I am glad I pushed through. I faced some of my biggest demons and even though some of those still need more work, I have begun to break down the walls. I would not have been able to do this without the love support and understanding of these woman. A big thank you to you all. I'm excited with what lays ahead of me and looking forward to sharing more of my journey with these beautiful souls.
Mary Angelique Mikhael thank you for providing the space for me to express myself without judgement. And for Jay's help getting me through my biggest struggle. I love you all xx


I know a woman who has the most pure and sacred soul who is not afraid to try new things. She is amazing at guided meditation her channeling is so blissful and strong and the way she speaks during meditations actually makes people cry and laugh. I am proud to call her my spiritual sister my best friend and most importantly a friend for life. Her healings have helped me through my most terrible of times and I can now say that I have fulfilled my gift of being a healer like her and I have healed people. It is such a wonderful feeling. Love you amazing woman


In appreciation to Mary. I would like to thank Mary for her time, love, support and devotion in helping create a better world and helping all souls find inner peace. In the time i have spent with Mary my life has definitely changed for the better. I no longer feel lost or seperated in the world that I live in. Mary is a great life coach and spiritual teacher who has helped me with my life and has awakened me spiritually. Mary has helped lead me to the spiritual journey that i have been in search of for many years. I thank Mary for her devotion in showing me a brighter and more positive future. If anyone is feeling lost or that they feel there is more to life as they know it i highly recommend contacting Mary.


'From the moment I sat down with Mary , i knew this was going to be a journey that would change my life forever . There was something so magical and familiar in her eyes and her voice . Immediately she spoke, gently . And In her words she spoke of my pain and my struggles . what took me years to understand she summed up in minutes . And then she assured me that everything would be fine and I knew and felt within my heart that she was right .

Within a week of seeing her I felt like a weight was lifted from me , and I felt a lightness , clarity and optimism that I had not felt since I was in my teens. And that was just the beginning .

Her mediation classes , words cannot describe the experience as she takes you away , into what feels like another world as you listen to her powerful voice and the sound of the singing bowls .

Thank you Mary for your wonderful support and for helping me back on my path of love and joy and finding the confidence and trust in myself that i lost many year ago . '

See you soon xx

I really love that Mary made this recording. For so many years I’ve wondered to myself how do I even begin to explain to others what she does? She is all this and so much more. I am truly blessed to have been able to work with her and have her in my life. She is one of the most generous and most connected people I have ever met. No matter how much fear or ego I may be buying into at a certain moment she has always responded in unconditional love. She knows that this is not who I am. She will show you the way. She will support you, guide you, encourage you every step of your journey and be there on the other side with arms outstretched ready to receive you as you make the changes within yourself for yourself. Knowing her is a blessing and everything that she shares has been an absolute gift.


I met Mary by chance when I was in a dark depressed time of my life but since that meeting and my healing sessions have never looked back. The first one on one session we had was amazing,Mary tapped into my spirit past and present which opened up a floodgate of emotions. Since then every session we have had brings more honesty,trust and optimism to my life. Mary's healing powers are incredible and I can honestly say meeting Mary and having our one on one sessions has been (and still is ) one of the best experiences I've ever had. Just walking into a room that Mary is in brings on a whole new emotion. You immediately feel calmer, more confident and loved. I cannot recommend talking to Mary enough. Thank you, love you and see you soon


Beautiful Goddess Mary came into our lives in the last year... both my hubby and I have had one on one sessions with her, she truly is insightful, gifted, genuine, honest, loving, compassionate, it is difficult to put into words just what she has done for me/us, I get emotional when I think of the amazing life I/we are meant for, she helped us to connect the cosmic dots, my hubby in working through past life things that he didn't realise were struggles brought into this life, clarity, teachings, our journey is incredible, for me, she has shared her light, her wisdom, her knowledge, her grace, we continue our journey with the Devine, with our beautiful Goddess Mary whom with out our light would not be burning at its brightest...that I am sure of, we are eternally grateful ... Thank you for giving of yourself as you do, we love you Mary


Thank you for sharing this video Mary! (So nice to be able to see, hear and learn from your wisdom from across the globe!) 

It was an eternal blessing when we came together Mary ☺ as I always say, it was love at first sight! (It did not feel like the first time meeting you!) You saw me and in turn you allowed me to see myself. (You also heard me!)You helped me to see my power, my light, my heart and remember. You showed me what it meant to experience the feeling but then step back to see the lesson and learn. You taught me what it means to grow! To let go! And be open to my path! As hard as that is for me haha! I'm still learning...but aren't we always 
Mary, you opened my eyes; you taught
me how to use them and provided tools that I carry and put to use each and every single day!! The true testament is that I have been in another country for a year and a half and I still continue to learn from and better understand myself and this world through the work we did together! Can you believe I thought for a second I couldn't be truly happy!! Lol  "Divine Love!!!" Mary. I will never be able to put into words the way my heart and soul feel about you. But thank you and always in admiration of you

 I highly recommend working with Mary! Wherever it is you find yourself on your path!


Are you ready for this.....


Our testimonial by Jessica Rose & Daniel Bausch - Bali retreat 19th Oct - 26th October 2016 Twin flame Enterprises Mary Mikhael & Jonathan Movitz.


After almost 8 years of being together my husband Daniel and I are finally finding our balance as a union, the yin & yang, sacred masculine & feminine are reuniting after some serious trials and tribulations, we are finding ourselves through connecting to our own hearts, which has lead us back to each other. 

After many lifetimes of releasing/healing our own Karmas, understanding self by taking absolute responsibility for our creations through beliefs that we have taken on and created ourselves, we are finally starting to enjoy the absolute fruits of our labour & we have Mary & Jonathan to absolutely thank for this.

I met Mary roughly 18months ago, desperately searching for answers I had been working on myself through self awareness for some time, however Mary had something different from the rest, she held an essence of freedom that I had not witnessed yet & I wanted in! 

Mary could really see me, her instant love & respect for me, playfulness, patience & absolute truth was exactly what I had been searching for! 

Mary & I have been on an absolute journey together, it has been profound & an absolute game changer for me, and in turn my relationship with my beautiful husband Daniel. 

Mary has been a mirror of truth to me, demonstrating the barriers that I had created for myself and assisting me to face them with unconditional love, non judgement, non expection & truth.
Through the journey back to myself, Daniel decided on his own shift. 


I chose to allow Daniel the space & freedom through trust to find himself by whatever means he felt best as he absolutely did this for me! Daniels teachings with Jonathan have been an equal game changer & as a result we have returned to each other after a seperation of heart stronger than ever & now having our 1st child together (due in March 2016).


The retreat in Bali was profound for us (and the baby), location at Ananda resort & spa was a tranquil & perfect location to hold all 17 of the most incredible souls we have ever had the privilege of spending 7 nights with! 
For me being 20 weeks pregnant, it was energizing & uplifting to be around such loving souls who we're all so dedicated to working on their soul development & we have truly made some lifetime friends from the experience & extend great gratitude to u all for all the joy, tears, chats & support! 

For me personally, I was able to find my inner child again which brought me such relief, joy, energy & gratitude! ! I finally remembered who I started out as in this world & how much I had changed, not to mention the relief I felt that my original being was also perfect in all that is, it gave me so much energy that I can't remember feeling since I was a child! 

Daniel found a real sense of connection to all that is through his heart & a much broader understanding of self & his soul purpose! Not to mention a natural on the didgeridoo (gift from Johnathan & Mary & guidance fromJason Ralph).

As a result we are integrating being connected to our heart/devine in every moment! !


Mary & Jonathan, your incredible gifts that you have bestowed upon us is a level of gratitude quite hard to express in words & I hope that our testimonial is a true reflection of your unconditional service to the evolution of mankind, for freedom is ultimately what we all seek through unconditional love the pathway that leads us back to ourselves, and with souls like u guys leading the way, guiding us, there is absolute hope for us all!

We absolutely loved the retreat, look forward to all of our futures together and a brighter outlook for us all.

Namaste teachers, friends and family.


Eternally grateful Dan and Jess





Out of the shadows, here I emerge :)

Confused more than ever, shaken, integrating like a Mofo, scared..I have been trying to make sense of what happened on the Merge last week and I have no freaking clue..

I know this though..

I am eternally grateful for being a part of such an incredible soul family the work we have chosen to come to do is anything else but easy..it requires persistence, will, massive loads of COURAGE and I would say craziness! Big loads of massive silliness on our side to be here, right now!

I have been feeling all sorts of things last week..absolute bliss, tears of release, profound and deep fear of not knowing, tears of realisation, my chest has been sore from all heart opening.

I have found my lost wings as well  felt so magical..bizzare. feeling like a crazy person again 
And yet seems so real..
Just haven't used them for long time so it feels quite confusing now..not knowing what to do with them..
I think that I am actually trying to fly with my feet still on Earth..trying to be part of both..hmm.. I just realised that is not what will probably work  you can't both stay and go, right?

My souls is screaming for things to happen now and I have the sense that if I don't act the Universe will swiftly help me  that makes me a bit nervous :P

What a journey!

I don't know what it would look like if it wasn't for you, fellow crazy souls 
Deeply grateful for the way you show up here! Those who I have met and even those I haven't yet. Because we are all here for a reason and TOGETHER is how we create the MAGIC 


For me, having you all here for allthe love and giggles is the best gift ever






Sharing some self-insight with my soul-tribe:
I began the Merge as a simple, 100 piece puzzle: large simple pieces; a pleasant colorful picture; easy to put together. Some pieces were still in the box because I hadn't figured out where they belonged yet, but nothing was missing. It was all there. 
Over the weekend I took the puzzle apart - sometimes carefully, sometimes violently - because I realised that the pieces didnt fit together anymore: they were multiplying; becoming more complicated and intricate. And though the picture was the same, it had more color and movement and detail and vibrancy. 
I brought home 500 puzzle pieces, all floating around in my suitcase. Some of them I've since put together, but most of them are back in the box, waiting as I start making the puzzle again. 
I've realised that each time I delve deep into myself I will start the process of taking the puzzle apart so the pieces can evolve and be put back together. It doesn't matter how long the puzzle takes or how many times I take it apart, because it will never be finished - it will always be growing and changing and becoming more than what it was.
I'm pretty excited because if theres one thing I love as much as Lego its putting together a good puzzle!




The Merge! Aaaaasmaazzzing!

 Not only is The Merge transformative for me but for my family and all those I encounter.. 

Soul family I came home last night and spent two hours talking to my mum about the weekend, the releases, forgiveness, freedom, transformation and remembrance... She said I was beaming about my experience and she asked how she can learn to be more connected to god.. that for me was just beautiful.

Tonight I sat with my children. They took out their journals and wrote their own notes as I talked about just a small fraction of all that I learnt over the last three days, today we touched on forgiveness, giving your power away and freedom and connection to divine. We did our own circle of forgiveness and the tears flowed and a loving hug fest followed.

I went back to work today, with a quieter mind and not flustered. I started talking about the weekend to my work desk neighbor and she because interested and has now started looking into the next retreats 

Mary and Jay thank you for gifting me the beginning of my journey and soul family thank you for holding space and being witness. Bursting with love for you all 



I pulled off the road and snapped this photo on my way to the retreat on Saturday morning. Mary & Jay's place is where the rainbow ends on then right. I couldn't believe it - gave me goosebumps! - such a beautiful sign I was meant to be there will all you wonderful souls.

On Monday morning before breakfast I wrote this poem that captured my experience of the retreat, and sharing with all you beautiful souls 

The wheel turns
And time stands still
A tear falls
From the deepest depth

Through eternity it falls
Through all dimensions of light
Never knowing
Forever searching

The angels hear its call
Gathering to witness its fall
Light upon light
In Divine joy

More and more the angels sing
A song of love from the Cosmic Heart
The tear awakens
It’s crystal light ignites

Feeling its utter bliss
It finally lands
In the ocean of love
Merging with all the others

No longer separate
It feels at peace
In the heart of the Cosmic Womb
The water of life