Igniting The Flame


THE MERGE  ~ Igniting The Flame



The Merge is a one full day workshop followed by a 3-4 day retreat "The Merge I". Participants who attend either of these events will be invited to the 7 day "The Merge II" immersion in the lushes jungles of Bali

This one of a kind, trailblazing event has been specially tailored to give you a deep experience of embracing and connecting to all the inner parts inside of you that have been asleep for a long time and gently yet potently waking the real YOU with love, passion, purpose and depth.

You will be held in a safe, supportive environment of other men and women who are all courageously ready to embody their fullness and connection, let go of the old, expired and outdated stories and begin journeying with the Phenoix into their very own rebirth.

"This is for people who will want tremendous personal changes in their life.

It may seem like the end of the world. In many ways it will be, for much of the old world will indeed be replaced by a new manner of existence. The psychological structure of each person will be transformed, because people's old model of reality will no longer be sufficient. Participants will experience and begin to understand another part of their being. This will happen differently for each person. For some it will be easy and almost instantaneous. Others will need to struggle through stress and pain. There will even be some people so deeply grounded in your old laws of reality that they won't notice anything at all.


  • The rebirth, essentially is about redefining and remembering who you are in essence, allowing yourself to let go of the old that no longer resonates with the powerful you, and immersing yourself in self love practice, devotion, life choices, and work-life-love balance that serves the new you.

  • Ending’s and new beginning’s, essentially. The ending is a pattern you play out, one of pain, which you continue creating, continue moving into relationships, you continue attracting the same people in your life, the same women in your life, the same men in your life. You continue being the abused or the abuser, so there is a victim mentally going on, where you want to give to save, give to be loved, give to be approved off. What we do is we recognise that program that is repeating in your cellular being and we bring that cellular memory or that program mentally up, so that it is sitting there looking you in the face.

  • Enneagram and Sacred personality 

  • Daily meditation journeys and yoga

  • Sacred land visits and water ceremonies


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