Love, Conscious Relationships, Soul Mates and the Twin Flame




10AM - 7PM



10am - 7pm


The sacred marriage workshop is an introduction into divine sacred relationship’s and consciousness; the dance of polarities, the friction between the masculine and the feminine flame and the rise of the ancient lovers past polarity and into the field of pure connection, Oneness.

This whole day event goes really deep, and takes you on a journey into the mysterious, infinite kingdoms and often times the dark temples of love, connection, sacred sexuality and the soul journey back into remembrance.

The destiny of the sacred marriage is to create balance and equality in relationships, to create harmony from chaos and expand love through manifestation, consciousness and co-creation.

These teachings have been locked away in hiding for centuries and are now being taught to people all across the globe to assist in raising our planetary vibration. You will unveil the universal truths of the yin/yang, Shiva-Shakti, & DNA codes of our initial memory. 

Each participant, whether in a relationship or not, will be presented with ‘keys’ into the mind, heart and soul of their own innate connection and also the intimate connections and contracts they share with their beloved.

Participants who attend this workshop will also be invited to a 3 day retreat "Awakening the Lover"on The Sacred Marriage, Twin Flame, Soul Mates and Conscious Relationships.

Gateways will open and so the journey begins.

  • Exploration of Twin Flames, soul mates,  Karmic mates & mirrors.

  • Who you are and the parts of you that you freely offer and repress in relationships,

  • Past and present patterns of behaving, thinking and feeling

  • The intimate, sexual, connected, bonded relationship between you and your beloved.

  • The secular nature and power of unconditional love and light

  • Deeper connection within your heart and how to expand this connection

  • The power of your mind, thoughts and divine awareness

  • Soul growth, service, purpose and  mission

  • Why the woman ‘generally’ remembers first, why is it generally speaking that the feminine always remembers, why is it that the masculine remembers afterwards.

  • Deeper issues, deeper scenarios that may play b out relating to karmic soul mates and mirrored relationships and kindred spirits.

  • Addictions, obsessions, separations, time apart, and the distance that is necessary for one soul to evolve.

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