It is hard to find true love. Men and women all around the world are searching for their true-love. However, What is True Love? True love is the unity of one soul in two bodies. All over the world, we all find our twins in different situations, and nothing can be same again. Here, Twin Flame helps you to find your true love and offers you the rare chance to discover yourself in a sacred and magical state. It is a magical and inspirational journey of having faith and courage as the two soul mates discover true love.


Divine Union is when the lover meets the beloved, the earth meets the sky, the yin meets the yang. It is the dance of God and Goddess within our heart and soul. As revealed in ancient scriptures of the world, the truth is that nothing is actually separate – this is only an illusion. Everything has always been and will always be in Divine Union. It is just a matter of awakening to this truth. Even though we are immersed in the material world and its energy, at any moment we can tune into that place where we can feel our oneness with all.

Feeling Divine Union is a profound ecstasy. It’s every cell of your being vibrating in harmony with the cells of all other beings and all of creation. In experiencing divine union in oneself, there is no more ‘I’. Imagine that you have two lovers inside your heart – yet they have been longing and searching for each other, unable to fully merge. Perhaps you feel this in your life, whether you are in a partnership or not.

Why can’t they find each other? There is some disconnectedness, some veil that keeps them separated yet they are so close. When these masculine and feminine aspects of our self are united in love and harmony, there is bliss and peace. There is complete alignment with the Divine. It is like retuning home. Once realized, it may not stay forever, because the challenges of the material world are great.

It takes practice and meditation to keep them connected and to maintain the state of Divine Union. Even though this is our original state of being, just by the nature of the material plane we are constantly being distracted to forget and disconnect.


Divine Union/Oneness can be experienced in infinite ways, especially through nature: meditating on a mountain, sitting in the forest in silence, listening to the bees humming or the whales singing. Majestic Mother Earth is always giving us the opportunity to feel at one with the vast miracle of creation.


Om Mani Padme Hum.